Who’s Ready to Grow?

In disputes, friendly or otherwise, have you grown to the point where you can say, I’m right from where I stand, but I must concede that the other person’s view point is also valid from their standpoint? If you haven’t, then you’re still locked behind the bars of a two dimensional thought pattern. This means every time you have an argument, you’ll huff and puff and stress yourself out, letting discord break your body down cell by cell until mental unease becomes physical disease. Count the number of acrimonious disagreements you’ve had in a single week, multiply that by ten thousand and you’ll begin to have a general idea of how many maladjusted body cells you’ve probably created over the period.

The fact is, TRUTH IS MULTIDIMENSIONAL. There’s no getting away from it. It depends on the angle you’re coming from. One person’s rebel is another person’s freedom fighter. The ‘saints’ who take care of the world’s sick and hungry, are deserters as far as their families are concerned. And the slight we feel from a loved one or workmate may be nothing more than an indication of their preoccupation with personal issues. Yet our ego, which is quite single-minded, continues to feel wronged, jumping into the fray at the drop of a hat to defend its honour.

Friends, we cannot depend on the ego to help us grow into the multidimensional beings we are destined to become. There is another aspect of ourselves, beyond the ego-driven conscious and subconscious, which many of us give little credit to:  our super-conscious selves – the inner voice of wisdom, intuition, higher nature, true self, or whatever you wish to call the part of yourself that is the compassionate observer with the capacity to see the big picture. It is the part of you and me that steps forward at the most extraordinary times with a magnanimous gesture that makes people want to put us on pedestals. That is the being we must all grow into if we are to save ourselves from ourselves.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to walk away from a dispute with the feeling of having lost nothing, gaining instead that sense of well-being we get when we solve a problem without creating another? Imagine: no more churning stomachs, exploding heads, angry thoughts to keep us awake at night, no hours wasted planning to get even, and most importantly, no body cells damaged by toxic exchanges! Pfeeew! What a  freeing thought! But there is even more at stake. If we elevate ourselves, then step by step, person by person, we will also elevate the world. So, who’s ready to grow

About Maureen Marks-Mendonca

MMM started storytelling in the schoolyard at age 9. Before becoming a novelist, however, she travelled the world for many years as a diplomat and economist. Eventually, volunteering with youth brought her full circle. Now creating magic in novels for the young, and the young at heart, allows her to travel beyond time and space! Join Alex Springfeather in a riveting adventure to a world beyond time in Legend of the Swan Children! IF YOU CAN'T FIND LEGEND OF THE SWAN CHILDREN IN YOUR AREA, ask your local bookstore to order it, go to www.macmillan-caribbean.com to purchase, or get it from your favorite online bookstore!
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