War and Peace

A frustrating experience led me to a very interesting revelation the other day: we humans go to war when we choose to think the worst of each other, and make peace when we are willing to think the best instead! So, now that we know the formula for peace, after experiencing unmentionable pain and suffering over millennia, is it not time to make the right choice?

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Living Unconsciously

The day companies started putting the bottom line before quality and the safety of their customers was the day humanity became an endangered species.

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Solving the Problem of Loneliness

People often equate loneliness with aloneness, but I was at my loneliest when I was a high-flying economist for a leading Hong Kong brokerage firm, although my days and nights were chock-a-block – producing dailies, weeklies, and quarterlies, hosting bigwig clients, lunching with movers and shakers, attending sophisticated charity dinners, running around the globe doing ‘roadshows’… And why was that? I had friends, good, wonderful folk. What could be more exciting than a life like that? Well, it was an adrenaline rush at first, but I was too busy to attend to my soul’s basic needs: simple, heart-warming connections with PEOPLE instead of their MONEY. In the end, I found I couldn’t live without that.

So, I gave it all up, and returned to a life of service. But I still had really lonely moments, because when I wasn’t out there serving others – kids in particular, or hanging out with friends, I was by myself.  You see, we’re programmed to believe that unless we have a husband or a wife, life can’t be fulfilling, and I no longer had one. But when I thought about it, I’d had some of the most frustrating relationships over the years, within which I’d felt even lonelier than when I was alone. So that wasn’t the answer.

Finally it came to me: until I learnt to enjoy MYSELF, I would never actually feel fulfilled.  So, I began by embracing silence until I learnt to be comfortable with my thoughts, my aloneness. Then I learnt to play alone: I played Scrabble with me, myself and I; I danced and sang with myself, I cooked elaborate meals just the way I liked them, I went out into nature, took long walks, and found great companions among the other creatures of the earth that we usually have so little time for, and I had a whale of a time, a whale of a time!

When I was at the height of my happiness, I met my current husband and remarried. Having learnt my lessons well, however, I refuse to give up the romance I have with myself. I still spend quality time with myself, with silence, with nature. My present contentment leads me to believe that I’ve solved the problem of loneliness, but only time will tell. I still have one more challenging adventure: old age.

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Bio-piracy and the Age of Awareness

Throughout the ages, commercial giants have been trampling over the rights of ordinary people, pirating their resources for greater profit. In the 18th century, they were pirating people for commercial gain (slaves and indentured labourers), in the 20th century, plundering the natural resources of developing countries was the name of the game; today, it’s indigenous knowledge that they’re snatching up with impunity. Not satisfied with pirating the knowledge and practices of indigenous people with respect to use of plants and other organisms, they are patenting the knowledge and practices and then turning around and suing indigenous people for living the way they’ve lived for centuries, in some cases, millennia. This should not be happening in this Age of Information, but it is – and a lot of people don’t know about it. That is why it is so important to turn this Age of Information into the AGE OF AWARENESS.

It took 400 years to stop large-scale slavery, and over 40 years for developing nations to really begin to get a handle on their own natural resources and to demand not only a fair share in the development of those resources by multinational corporations, but fair treatment in the acquisition of these resources. There is no need for transformation to take that long this time! Every day we share reams of information online with friends, family, business associates, but are we sharing the things that should really matter to us?

There is a new form of slavery being introduced right in front of our eyes and we’re not seeing it. The patenting of the biosphere, of life itself, could one day take away all our freedoms: the air we breathe, the water we drink, the seeds we plant, the use of ancestral wisdoms, our ability to maintain healthy bodies, our right to choose where we live. For instance, do you know that:

 We can become aware of these kinds of inequities with the click of a mouse.  For over ten years, activists have been trying to put an end to biopiracy. We can all help by making ourselves aware of what’s going on and standing up and saying, Enough is enough: we stand in solidarity with our Asian, African and South American brothers and sisters who are in danger of losing their right to live the life they choose. We stand in solidarity with ALL our brothers and sisters worldwide, whose livelihoods are being threatened by irresponsible commercial practices.

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Choosing Your ‘Mass Transit Vehicle’ Through Life

There are those who speak of terrible things to come in 2012, and there are those who believe this year will be like any other. We will not argue with either prediction, because what one expects depends very much on how one chooses to view the world we live in, but we will say this:

  • Beyond a shadow of a doubt, ours is a world of duality – good/bad, laughter/tears, wonders/disasters, fear/Love*;
  • And as the primary energies of fear and Love have collided and interacted, humankind has swung up and down in a rhythmic spiral, yearning for the Light yet tempted by ‘density’s illusion’, i.e., that suffering is a must.

In truth, this world of duality is an unnecessarily dense one, made so by the heavy fog of desperate thoughts and actions, which have pervaded our lives for millennia. Throughout the ages, leaders of churches, countries, leaders of all manner of institutions, have chosen fear as humankind’s primary ‘mass transit vehicle’ through life. And we have yielded to their pressure, allowing ourselves to be swept along with the tide to the point where we’ve:

  • killed for our faith,
  • maimed for a claim on land, and
  • clambered over each other mercilessly to get to the top of power structures we’ve created to immunize ourselves against the density we’ve fuelled.

From time to time, though, something within us, a whiff of remembrance perhaps, would provoke a wave of rebellion, and periodically, we would rush to reclaim dominion over our hearts – but not often enough. THIS YEAR, WE HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE!

Fear energies swirling around the globe are at an all time high, generated by record-breaking natural disasters, mass rebellions against archaic power structures, and doomsday predictions. We have a choice:

  • Travel through density can be accomplished by riding the energies of fear, or Love.
  • Fear pulls us further into the mire. We run from drought only to find floods on our doorstep; we flee tornados and end up in the eye of a hurricane; and carefully avoid fault lines only to be buried in the ashes of an awakening volcano.
  • The only way to ‘run’ from trouble is to go higher, not to the top of the mountains of earth, but to the top of the mountains of density, on the waves of Love. The view is spectacular from there!

We’ve spent so much time on the fear end of the duality scale that it’s more than time to find out what life could be like on the Love end. Imagine a day free from fear… Feels great, doesn’t it? Now, imagine a year free from fear… Then a lifetime. That choice awaits you.

* For a complete definition of Love, visit http://www.swanlight.org/SpS_10.htm

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Out of Expansive Energies Come Solutions

Although written for one specific country, this goes for many parts of the world:

Protests, riots, looting, burning, economic inequity, political grandstanding, fears swirling of a descent into the chaos of yesteryear, when masses of people lost their homes and lives, and hatred festered within the hearts of neighbours and friends, who once lived AS ONE. While peacemakers on the ground strive hard to restore sanity and social justice, what positive action can the rest of us take to support them? Instead of adding to the river of anger, fear and despair, gathering force, seeking places and people to destroy, THINK PEACE! Use your thoughts and actions to transform the energies churning around you.
“EVERY DAY, hold a vision of peace, toss it out to the Universe on a string of Love, and let the vision find its seeker.” – S.O.
Then go out and live it, breathe it, share it! Out of this expansive energy will come solutions.

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Let This be the Year of Ubuntu!

The African philosophy of Ubuntu is the continent’s most valuable contribution to true civilization, and in 2012, it is our plan to spread the concept as far and wide as possible until its seeds take root everywhere.

Ubuntu is the very essence of our humanness. It is that which keeps us connected when undercurrents of conflict threaten to tear the human earth family apart. As Archbishop Desmond Tutu explains in his 1999 book, No Future Without Forgiveness, ‘…it speaks about our interconnectedness…A person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, based from a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed.’

We are one family – science has already affirmed that. I have no doubt that deep inside, most of us also know that we are from the one spiritual source as well. The challenge is to live this truth every day when society tempts us to split – by race, religion or riches - into fractious factions.

This is a call for you to be a person with Ubuntu, so that together we can create a shift in global consciousness that will surpass the technological revolution of the last decade!

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Where There is Love, There Can be no Separation

  • If you feel estranged from family and don’t know what to do, find your way back to love;
  • If you’re losing, or have lost that special connection with yourself, find your way back to love;
  • If you’ve lost someone precious and are inconsolable, remember that death does not separate, grief does, so focus on the love-ly times spent together, and you will begin to feel them close to you again;
  • If your country or your people are at war with each other, the superficial differences between you are not the cause, nor is it the bitter words and deeds; you have forgotten how to love.
  • When in the presence of someone you ‘hate’, commit an act of love and see how quickly the sun will begin to shine again on your relationship.


  • Without it, we die slowly inside. Lust and passion cannot replace it. Fame and fortune become meaningless. We get stuck on a merry-go-round of amassing material wealth (been there!!)
  • With it, however, everything is possible, and life becomes the great adventure it was meant to be! Lust and passion are recognized for their transiency and enjoyed to the max; Material possessions become tools of creativity, and fame and fortune, gifts to be shared.

 MMM, Swanlight Org

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Mother Earth – The Healing Must Begin

SOME GREAT NEWS for those who have chosen to live healthily and in harmony with this planet-home we call Mother Earth: Monsanto’s MON810, a genetically-modified (GM) variety of maize (corn) that kills bees, has been banned by the Polish government. Their MON810 and the chemicals in it have been found to be at least partially responsible for causing Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), the worldwide phenomenon in which entire swarms of honey bees disappear or turn up dead. Hopefully governments will think twice about other Monsanto products that are slowly killing the planet. Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036010_Poland_Monsanto_GM_corn.html

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From Duality to One

The drama between man and woman is merely a reflection of the imagined dichotomy between the masculine and feminine energies. In reality, these two energies are complementary, not opposing. In our world of duality, Spirit is both Mind/Light and Intuition/Love. Out of Mind/Light, comes wisdom, will, strength, action, and from Intuition/Love comes compassion, creativity, awareness, endurance. To merge these energies – masculine with feminine, intellect with intuition, wisdom with compassion, strength with endurance – having explored them to the fullest, is to return at last to one’s true Self.

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