Keep the Faith!

The greatest HOAX circulating is that we CAN’T MAKE this WORLD a BETTER place. YES WE CAN!! Don’t lose faith. Let’s keep the ball rolling by making 2013 the Year of Kindness. Every day, every week, every month, let’s take a step out of our comfort zone, and commit an act of kindness to the bums, beggars, thieves, mercenaries, pests, hangers-on, gossip mongers and other bringers of misery to our lives. The only barriers between us and a better world are commitment and trust.

About Maureen Marks-Mendonca

MMM started storytelling in the schoolyard at age 9. Before becoming a novelist, however, she travelled the world for many years as a diplomat and economist. Eventually, volunteering with youth brought her full circle. Now creating magic in novels for the young, and the young at heart, allows her to travel beyond time and space! Join Alex Springfeather in a riveting adventure to a world beyond time in Legend of the Swan Children! IF YOU CAN'T FIND LEGEND OF THE SWAN CHILDREN IN YOUR AREA, ask your local bookstore to order it, go to to purchase, or get it from your favorite online bookstore!
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