Choosing Your ‘Mass Transit Vehicle’ Through Life

There are those who speak of terrible things to come in 2012, and there are those who believe this year will be like any other. We will not argue with either prediction, because what one expects depends very much on how one chooses to view the world we live in, but we will say this:

  • Beyond a shadow of a doubt, ours is a world of duality – good/bad, laughter/tears, wonders/disasters, fear/Love*;
  • And as the primary energies of fear and Love have collided and interacted, humankind has swung up and down in a rhythmic spiral, yearning for the Light yet tempted by ‘density’s illusion’, i.e., that suffering is a must.

In truth, this world of duality is an unnecessarily dense one, made so by the heavy fog of desperate thoughts and actions, which have pervaded our lives for millennia. Throughout the ages, leaders of churches, countries, leaders of all manner of institutions, have chosen fear as humankind’s primary ‘mass transit vehicle’ through life. And we have yielded to their pressure, allowing ourselves to be swept along with the tide to the point where we’ve:

  • killed for our faith,
  • maimed for a claim on land, and
  • clambered over each other mercilessly to get to the top of power structures we’ve created to immunize ourselves against the density we’ve fuelled.

From time to time, though, something within us, a whiff of remembrance perhaps, would provoke a wave of rebellion, and periodically, we would rush to reclaim dominion over our hearts – but not often enough. THIS YEAR, WE HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE!

Fear energies swirling around the globe are at an all time high, generated by record-breaking natural disasters, mass rebellions against archaic power structures, and doomsday predictions. We have a choice:

  • Travel through density can be accomplished by riding the energies of fear, or Love.
  • Fear pulls us further into the mire. We run from drought only to find floods on our doorstep; we flee tornados and end up in the eye of a hurricane; and carefully avoid fault lines only to be buried in the ashes of an awakening volcano.
  • The only way to ‘run’ from trouble is to go higher, not to the top of the mountains of earth, but to the top of the mountains of density, on the waves of Love. The view is spectacular from there!

We’ve spent so much time on the fear end of the duality scale that it’s more than time to find out what life could be like on the Love end. Imagine a day free from fear… Feels great, doesn’t it? Now, imagine a year free from fear… Then a lifetime. That choice awaits you.

* For a complete definition of Love, visit

About Maureen Marks-Mendonca

MMM started storytelling in the schoolyard at age 9. Before becoming a novelist, however, she travelled the world for many years as a diplomat and economist. Eventually, volunteering with youth brought her full circle. Now creating magic in novels for the young, and the young at heart, allows her to travel beyond time and space! Join Alex Springfeather in a riveting adventure to a world beyond time in Legend of the Swan Children! IF YOU CAN'T FIND LEGEND OF THE SWAN CHILDREN IN YOUR AREA, ask your local bookstore to order it, go to to purchase, or get it from your favorite online bookstore!
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