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When I was four years old, my maternal grandmother died. She had become bedridden, riddled with cancer, but being a gentle love-filled woman, she continued to put others first. I was never aware of her illness, only her incredible wisdom, her … Continue reading

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‘Living Green’

Have you ever wondered why there is more ‘madness’ in built-up cities than in wooded suburbs and verdant countrysides? Social scientists will point primarily to the depersonalizing effect of sprawling metropolises, which spawns estrangement, loneliness, and violence, and they may … Continue reading

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War and Peace

A frustrating experience led me to a very interesting revelation the other day: we humans go to war when we choose to think the worst of each other, and make peace when we are willing to think the best instead! … Continue reading

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Living Unconsciously

The day companies started putting the bottom line before quality and the safety of their customers was the day humanity became an endangered species.

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Bio-piracy and the Age of Awareness

Throughout the ages, commercial giants have been trampling over the rights of ordinary people, pirating their resources for greater profit. In the 18th century, they were pirating people for commercial gain (slaves and indentured labourers), in the 20th century, plundering … Continue reading

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