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MMM started storytelling in the schoolyard at age 9. Before becoming a novelist, however, she travelled the world for many years as a diplomat and economist. Eventually, volunteering with youth brought her full circle. Now creating magic in novels for the young, and the young at heart, allows her to travel beyond time and space! Join Alex Springfeather in a riveting adventure to a world beyond time in Legend of the Swan Children! IF YOU CAN'T FIND LEGEND OF THE SWAN CHILDREN IN YOUR AREA, ask your local bookstore to order it, go to to purchase, or get it from your favorite online bookstore!

Managing Energies

We humans living in this world of duality must face sadness, if we know joy, for one always follows the other, joy to sadness, sadness to joy. Some gurus will tell us to rise above emotions, feel neither joy nor … Continue reading

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QUESTION: What takes away fear, makes the weak strong, turns an ogre into a charmer, and is the force that will unite the world one day? ANSWER:         If you thought, war, then you must be a newcomer to this dimension.  … Continue reading

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When I was four years old, my maternal grandmother died. She had become bedridden, riddled with cancer, but being a gentle love-filled woman, she continued to put others first. I was never aware of her illness, only her incredible wisdom, her … Continue reading

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Moving Forward After Trauma

We’re going through trauma, severe personal trauma. The questions, ‘Why? Why me? How could this happen? Could I have prevented it?’ consume us. Our hearts and minds crave an explanation – something, anything – and get none, and without those … Continue reading

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Anchor the Light!

It is still one of the tragedies of human history that the ‘children of darkness’ are frequently more determined and zealous than the ‘children of light.’  - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1960s  Dr. King was right then, and still … Continue reading

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‘Living Green’

Have you ever wondered why there is more ‘madness’ in built-up cities than in wooded suburbs and verdant countrysides? Social scientists will point primarily to the depersonalizing effect of sprawling metropolises, which spawns estrangement, loneliness, and violence, and they may … Continue reading

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Do Clothes Maketh the Woman?

I walk into an Upstate New York post office in my lovely Indonesian calf-length kaftan. I spot an American friend. Her eyes flicker my way, and without a word, she bolts. Later I ask her why on the phone, and … Continue reading

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Who’s Ready to Grow?

In disputes, friendly or otherwise, have you grown to the point where you can say, I’m right from where I stand, but I must concede that the other person’s view point is also valid from their standpoint? If you haven’t, then … Continue reading

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Keep the Faith!

The greatest HOAX circulating is that we CAN’T MAKE this WORLD a BETTER place. YES WE CAN!! Don’t lose faith. Let’s keep the ball rolling by making 2013 the Year of Kindness. Every day, every week, every month, let’s take … Continue reading

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ARGO: Taking Liberties

If I were to take full credit for an heroic act, which I only played a part in, people would begin to look at me with a jaundiced eye, right? Well, that is how I now view the film-makers of … Continue reading

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