The Swanlight Organization (http://www.swanlight.org) is dedicated to awakening the Inner Self to its true nature, for within that awakened Inner Self is the complete understanding that our health and wellbeing depends very much on the health and wellbeing of this planet we call Mother Earth. So, whether you are awakened already, getting there, or just stepping back into the world of conscious living, let’s share our thoughts in this blog, and inspire each other to recreate a sustainable planet for future generations.

Maureen Marks-Mendonca, Coordinator of the Swanlight Organization, spent many years working and travelling in Asia, Europe, North America, and the Caribbean, first as a Diplomat, then Business Economist — careers which allowed her to successfully test her belief that harmonious living is possible with the right kind of education and empowerment. Today, her life is dedicated to helping youth achieve their greatest potential through her workshops and writing. Her first novel, Legend of the Swan Children, went on sale in January 2009. Tweet her or email her.

Fay A. Marks, Peace Circle Initiator and Coordinator, explored the frontiers of science as a Research Experimental Physicist for several years, pursuing and fulfilling, in part, her passion to understand ‘the world, the Universe and everything’. Today, the adventure continues as she explores not the material world via Physics, but the frontiers of higher consciousness, seeking and uncovering the meeting point of science and Spirit and discovering the immeasurable beauty and wisdom of the soul and the Universe. She now walks the path of Love as a poet and writer, convening Peace Circles and visioning peace for all humanity and all of Earth. To contact her, email Fay@swanlight.org.

Walk Light!


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