Managing Energies

We humans living in this world of duality must face sadness, if we know joy, for one always follows the other, joy to sadness, sadness to joy. Some gurus will tell us to rise above emotions, feel neither joy nor sadness, only equanimity. I prefer to embrace them both and learn to manage the energies.

The root of joy is Love, that powerfully expansive energy that opens our hearts and connects us to all that is; and the root of sadness is fear, that constrictive energy that prevents us from embracing the unknown (e.g. what happens when we die) as well as the known (e.g. that after someone dies, we must go on without them). In order to strike a balance between these two opposing energies we must train the mind never to run from sadness, dwell on it, or see it as the enemy, and we do this first of all, by:

1)  reminding ourselves that we are forever safe in the Light of the Divine. Then we must accept that,

2)   it is what it is: a learning tool, just like joy – both tools designed to keep us centred. Joy reminds us of why we came to earth in the first place and just in case we become too attached to this dimension, sadness reminds us that this is not our permanent home and that we must one day leave to return to the Light from whence we came.

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What takes away fear, makes the weak strong, turns an ogre into a charmer, and is the force that will unite the world one day?


If you thought, war, then you must be a newcomer to this dimension.  Love is the answer!  Beyond the emotion so easily clouded by wayward desires, lies an energy so powerful, matter can present no obstacle.  Love, with a capital ‘L’, has the power to change, transmute all other energy forms.

z-HomeSoundz-LightSound carried on its wave softens, becomes warm, embracing.

Light glows tender in its company.  It is an  expansive energy, and the quality of any other wave of energy, travelling simultaneously with Love towards any goal, will amplify a hundredfold.

And so with Love we mould our creations.  Our books and articles are light, full of love and laughter, with morsels of sadness tucked in here and there to strengthen our hearts.

We welcome all those who reach for love when hate tries to blind, who search for silver linings amidst clouds, who look fear squarely in the eye, and defy it.  But we especially welcome those who are now wending their way to this place of power.


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When I was four years old, my maternal grandmother died. She had become bedridden, riddled with cancer, but being a gentle love-filled woman, she continued to put others first. I was never aware of her illness, only her incredible wisdom, her Light, to which I was drawn. Ever morning bright and early, I used to tumble into her room, hop onto her bed, and she would give me the goodies she had hidden under her pillow from some previous meal. So naturally, I was the one who found her. Now, at that tender age, I could still remember the beautiful Spirit world I had come from, and that she was going back to, so I was supremely happy for her. I ran excitedly through the house yelling, ” Mummie, mummie, grandmother dead. I want to be the one to put the penny on her eye!” (She had died with her eyes open and it was an old time tradition to use the heavy English penny to weigh them shut).

In those days, death excited me. It didn’t frighten me or make me sad. But over time, I forsook the world from whence I came, and allowed myself to be seduced by the tantalizing charm of love on earth. So much so, that instead of being excited for my soulmate, that he had returned home, I went into a state of disbelief and instead of celebrating his life, like I did my grandmother’s, I became angry, asking the heavens in an imperious tone, ‘Who dare take away this love of mine?!!? Whose plan was it?’

I have a lot to relearn from four year old me. I have to remind myself why I am here, for we were never promised old age, only life until our own particular mission is over. Yes, I have a lot to relearn.

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Moving Forward After Trauma

We’re going through trauma, severe personal trauma. The questions, ‘Why? Why me? How could this happen? Could I have prevented it?’ consume us. Our hearts and minds crave an explanation – something, anything – and get none, and without those answers, moving forward seems impossible…and yet the truth is, only when we move forward can we come within reach of the wisdom we’re actually seeking. Therein lies life’s peskiest paradox.

I lost my soulmate-husband a year and a half ago. In one unimaginable moment, a careless minibus driver smashed our world to smithereens. I must have asked those questions a million times, and I added another thunderous one: Who dared take my babe away, who authorized his demise? Because I could not imagine that God/Great Spirit/Allah would do this to me – give me my soulmate after decades of prayerful requests and then pluck him from me at the height of our journey to Oneness, when we were at our happiest; could not accept the platitudes, ‘God knows best’ and ‘God does not give anyone more than they can bear.’ Why give us anything to bear at all? Seemed downright cruel to me.

But I had to go on, for my old nonagenarian mother’s sake, and when I could cry and rage no more, the questions stopped. Everything else had stopped anyway—dancing, laughing, joking around, doing fun things—because a part of me had died with my beloved, and somehow, instinctively, I knew that for my own sanity, I had to stop asking why. Now, I have always been deeply committed to a happy life, been this way since childhood, and I knew I had to find my way back there or die physically. A window opened up in my closed heart at a party last New Year’s Eve, when I heard a tiny whisper: ‘If you can’t dance for me, then dance with me.’ And when I closed my eyes, there he was, his face radiating love and laughter, doing his cowboy stomp like he always did to galloping disco beats. I kept my eyes closed and danced all night with him, and when I tumbled into bed in the wee hours of the morning, I was in seventh heaven.

I knew then that dancing was my way back, so I joined a Caribbean Zumba class. I can’t say when the insights actually started, but a couple of months into Zumba, I realized that I’d begun to get answers to those questions. Some of them I didn’t particularly like, but they allowed me to finally accept that there is a spiritual reason behind everything, even my soul-mate’s death.

To those of you out there dealing with similar traumas, I say, find that something that will open your hearts again, and it will lead you to the path of recovery.

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Anchor the Light!

It is still one of the tragedies of human history that the ‘children of darkness’ are frequently more determined and zealous than the ‘children of light.’  - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1960s 

Dr. King was right then, and still is today. But why, you might ask, aren’t the ‘children of light’ more proactive? Two reasons: presumption and inertia.

Presumption: Light will always be the norm.

There is always a core of workers diligently keeping the light alive, but the rest of us presume that light will always be the standard, so we don’t really see an urgent need to defend it. There’s a battle going on and we don’t care to fight. Actually, we don’t have to! Fighting is the forte of the ‘children of darkness’. What we must do, however, is consciously stand our ground. Anchor the light!

Inertia: Light has been the norm for so long, we’ve come to expect light to do as light does without any effort on our part.

We know all the ‘Good Books’ carry the light, and we take it for granted that the ‘children of darkness’ will eventually see they’re shooting themselves in the foot and take the ‘light’ path. Meanwhile, the tendrils of darkness – of density, as I prefer to call it – have snaked surreptitiously into our consciousnesses, so that we don’t even realize when we’re just mouthing the principles of light but no longer consciously living by them. And while the ‘children of Light’ slumber, their counterparts are busy. Take for example, the media. Somewhere along the line, our media got corrupted, persuaded to reject ‘the light’, i.e., honesty and integrity, as their standard, and now they seem bent on persuading the world that there is nothing wrong with ‘darkness/density’, i.e., deception, greed, murder and mayhem, being the new standard.

Light begins and ends with love and compassion. In between, we have joy and laughter, optimism and kind-heartedness, trust and abundance. Density begins and ends with violence and fear. In between we have sadness and pain, hatred and cruelty, doubt and deprivation. The choice should be clear, but it is not. And the root cause of this is that our natural desire for a better quality of life has been overtaken by an intense hunger for material wealth, which has become the be-all and end-all. Once again, I quote Dr. King:

One of the great problems of mankind is that we suffer from a poverty of spirit which stands in glaring contrast to our scientific and technological abundance. The richer we have become materially, the poorer we have become morally and spiritually.

He is right again. So, ‘children of light’, we must get off the couch of false contentment and anchor the light, and we must do it with at least as much determination and zeal as our counterparts! Our children’s children will thank us for it.

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‘Living Green’

Have you ever wondered why there is more ‘madness’ in built-up cities than in wooded suburbs and verdant countrysides? Social scientists will point primarily to the depersonalizing effect of sprawling metropolises, which spawns estrangement, loneliness, and violence, and they may throw in environmental degradation as well, as a lesser factor, but I will argue that the paucity of what I shall call ‘living green’ is the root cause of mental disturbance.

Green is a beautiful colour, the colour of hope, some would say, but I propose that ‘living green’ (trees, shrubs, grass) is actually an energy, a force, which serves to keep body, mind, and spirit aligned, and unrealized thoughts (i.e., idle thoughts) down to a minimum. It’s the reason people feel more serene, and problems get solved, sitting in parks and walking in woods. It explains why some of the incurably ill have healed by going back to nature, absorbing green through sight, taste, touch, even listening to the subtle tones of green. Were it not for earth’s green, life would be untenable.

In communities which have boxed themselves in with glass and concrete, and done away with vital elements of nature, we find that stress and illness reign. But the moment these communities return to the ‘living green standard’, replanting trees and grass along their streets, and in their yards and homes, we find a dramatic reduction in mental imbalance. Why? Because the signal between Spirit/soul and mind has been unscrambled, and the natural order of things reinstated.

‘Living green’ is not just decorative, it is essential, but the reality is, we have drifted so far away from our true nature, that we need extensive – and expensive – studies to prove to ourselves that living in harmony with trees and grass is vital for us. So I’ll drop a few facts and figures derived from Project Evergreen, a US based green industry group:

  • Studies over a 30-year period in communities, neighbourhoods, housing projects and prisons show that when landscaping projects are promoted there is a definite increase in self esteem and a decrease in vandalism.
  • A Cornell University researcher found that children who had the greatest gains in terms of ‘greenness’ between their old and new homes showed the greatest improvements in functioning.
  • Studies also show that surrounding ourselves with ‘living green’ reduces ADD symptoms, diminishes road rage, encourages people to socialize more, heals hospital cases faster, spawns safer neighbourhoods, and enhances creativity.

When the energy of ‘living green’ flows through us, it realigns us with our true nature, thereby empowering us, and allowing us to be our highest possible selves. It’s a simple as that. So people, keep those trees in your yard, cherish the tree-lined avenues, and nip the degradation of grassy roadsides in the bud. Those of you in wintry parts of the world, make sure that at least one-third of the plants in your environs are evergreens, since they must do the work of their periodically dormant companions. Let our return to the ‘living green standard’ be a conscious one, fully aware of our reasons for doing so.

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Do Clothes Maketh the Woman?

  • I walk into an Upstate New York post office in my lovely Indonesian calf-length kaftan. I spot an American friend. Her eyes flicker my way, and without a word, she bolts. Later I ask her why on the phone, and she tells me she didn’t want to embarrass me by letting on that she caught me sneaking out in my nightie.
  • I walk into a supermarket in Guyana in my North American style frayed cut-off jeans, and the security guard strides towards me purposefully, ready to show me the door. He thinks I’m a vagrant.
  • I’m sailing through an European airport, my designer lambswool cape billowing behind me, spike heels, showgirl hairstyle, two English colleagues with bags in tow, and onlookers stop them to ask, “Who is she? Which film star?”
  • In Hong Kong, I’m riding up an hospital elevator in a raw silk Chinese top, my hair swept upwards in an Oriental ‘do, and I’m chatting with a friend in Mandarin. She gets off, and then I notice the Egyptian man in the corner of the elevator giving me furtive glances. Eventually he plucks up the courage to ask, “Are you Chinese?”

Am I simply being judged by the garments I wear, or is there a chameleon in me that allows me to convincingly play the role my clothes dictate?

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Who’s Ready to Grow?

In disputes, friendly or otherwise, have you grown to the point where you can say, I’m right from where I stand, but I must concede that the other person’s view point is also valid from their standpoint? If you haven’t, then you’re still locked behind the bars of a two dimensional thought pattern. This means every time you have an argument, you’ll huff and puff and stress yourself out, letting discord break your body down cell by cell until mental unease becomes physical disease. Count the number of acrimonious disagreements you’ve had in a single week, multiply that by ten thousand and you’ll begin to have a general idea of how many maladjusted body cells you’ve probably created over the period.

The fact is, TRUTH IS MULTIDIMENSIONAL. There’s no getting away from it. It depends on the angle you’re coming from. One person’s rebel is another person’s freedom fighter. The ‘saints’ who take care of the world’s sick and hungry, are deserters as far as their families are concerned. And the slight we feel from a loved one or workmate may be nothing more than an indication of their preoccupation with personal issues. Yet our ego, which is quite single-minded, continues to feel wronged, jumping into the fray at the drop of a hat to defend its honour.

Friends, we cannot depend on the ego to help us grow into the multidimensional beings we are destined to become. There is another aspect of ourselves, beyond the ego-driven conscious and subconscious, which many of us give little credit to:  our super-conscious selves – the inner voice of wisdom, intuition, higher nature, true self, or whatever you wish to call the part of yourself that is the compassionate observer with the capacity to see the big picture. It is the part of you and me that steps forward at the most extraordinary times with a magnanimous gesture that makes people want to put us on pedestals. That is the being we must all grow into if we are to save ourselves from ourselves.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to walk away from a dispute with the feeling of having lost nothing, gaining instead that sense of well-being we get when we solve a problem without creating another? Imagine: no more churning stomachs, exploding heads, angry thoughts to keep us awake at night, no hours wasted planning to get even, and most importantly, no body cells damaged by toxic exchanges! Pfeeew! What a  freeing thought! But there is even more at stake. If we elevate ourselves, then step by step, person by person, we will also elevate the world. So, who’s ready to grow

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Keep the Faith!

The greatest HOAX circulating is that we CAN’T MAKE this WORLD a BETTER place. YES WE CAN!! Don’t lose faith. Let’s keep the ball rolling by making 2013 the Year of Kindness. Every day, every week, every month, let’s take a step out of our comfort zone, and commit an act of kindness to the bums, beggars, thieves, mercenaries, pests, hangers-on, gossip mongers and other bringers of misery to our lives. The only barriers between us and a better world are commitment and trust.

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ARGO: Taking Liberties

If I were to take full credit for an heroic act, which I only played a part in, people would begin to look at me with a jaundiced eye, right? Well, that is how I now view the film-makers of Argo.

I liked the film, and at the end of it, I marvelled at the daring CIA rescue of 6 US hostages from the Canadian Ambassador’s residence in Tehran in early 1980. I thought how noble of the US govt to let the Canadians take full credit all these years for an operation that was essentially CIA, revealing the truth only when files were declassified. I was shocked to hear that New Zealand and British diplomats had turned away the 6 Americans when they were seeking refuge. Unheard of!

Eager to find out more, and doubtful about some sequences (the old diplomat in me having kicked in), I decided to do some background research and what did I find? That the film, Argo, took a lot of liberties with the truth.  In this day and age, that should not be allowed simply for dramatic purposes, especially when people risk their lives.

 The truth was: 1) the 6 US diplomats had brief stays in a number of diplomatic residences, including the Swedes and the British, before being given safe haven by the Canadians; 2) it was the Canadian Ambassador’s wife who went out and bought the tickets for the 6, who would be travelling on Canadian passports, not the American government in a last minute turn of events; 3) it was a New Zealand diplomat who drove the 6 to the airport. The other made up stuff – all that drama at the airport, for instance – is fine because it doesn’t denigrate anybody, but really, Argo film-makers, you should be feeling more than a twinge of guilt for glorifying the CIA role at the expense of people who helped save your compatriots’ lives!

Note: Former Ambassador Taylor’s opinion of Argo:–argo-film-gives-former-canadian-ambassador-ken-taylor-chance-to-set-the-record-straight


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