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Granny M's Vision

Most of us believe that our interconnectedness depends on us being physically active within our local and global communities. But does it? This next UBUNTU story is an eye-opener.

“Peace, Love, unity, harmony, happiness!!” Granny M was struggling to get out of bed.

It was very early in the morning. “What’s the rush?” her daughters asked her. “You don’t have to go to work.”

“I have to get up and get!” she insisted, somewhat agitatedly. “I have to awaken the world, not just Guyana. People are at war! People are not happy with each other.”

Now Granny M has no direct contact with what’s going on in the world. She no longer listens to the radio or looks at TV. And, she’s hard of hearing so she couldn’t have overheard anything. But she was connected to the world’s pain and distress nevertheless.

As her younger daughter, Fay, worked at gently calming her down, Mo, the older one, climbed into bed with her. “Mo will make sure your words are heard all over the world,” Fay reassured her.

Immediately Mo felt her body relax against hers. Fay and Mo looked at each other. It struck them both simultaneously that their mother is alive and kicking at 97 because she still has a definite mission, and she is committed to it.

Much later, on the verandah, her eyes resting on the flower garden, Granny M declared again with absolute conviction. “I’m imagining peace, comfort, and joy for the entire world, and it will happen.”

This is her second peace vision, so, dear friends of, let’s support Granny M by taking some time in the coming days to also ‘imagine’ peace. Attached is a map of all the places where people have already answered her call and are ‘imagining’ peace.




As the story goes, an anthropologist doing research in southern Africa, placed a basket of fruit on the ground beneath a tree, and told a group of children, “ I want you to race each other to the basket. The first to get there gets all the fruit.”

The kids promptly grabbed each others’ hands and ran happily to the basket together. Sitting down, they began to share the fruit.

“Why did you do that?” the anthropologist asked the eldest, who could surely have won.

“Ubuntu,” the child replied. “I cannot be happy when others are sad.”

And that is the essence of this age old tradition of the Bantu people. It is a philosophy that leaves no-one behind. Ubuntu literally means, ‘I am because we are.’ It speaks to our humanity, and to be human, in this mindset, is to be compassionate and caring, to instinctively want to share, to want everyone to do well, to succeed, to have. It’s a philosophy the world needs.

We are in the Age of Ubuntu. Let’s begin to live it now. In Africa, there is a saying: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’

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