It suddenly dawned on me one glorious Saturday morning that the proverbial struggle between Satan and God, between good and evil, between the immaterial and material, share a common root – the conflict between logic and the intuitive self.


Drifting back to the 'beginning of time', I perceived that the ‘fallen angels’ fell because they lost the right brain connection to their intuitive selves. Over time, these 'fallen angels' came to be known as the ‘devils’ of myth and religion -- the antitheses of the angelic beings, who remained fully connected to the intuitive self. I'm beginning to believe, however, that these 'fallen angels' are in fact our spiritual ancestors.


Between these two concepts lies humanity, struggling throughout the ages to resist the pull of the 'devil', yet unwilling, or unable, to restore the intuitive self to its full glory. You see, with the loss of the intuitive self came the rise of the ego, caretaker of the logical left brain. And as it grew more powerful, it buttressed itself with science, denying anything that did not originate from itself, until the ego eventually declared itself lord of all.


It became a sign of weakness to exhibit right brain traits. The arts, for all their splendour and soul power were merely poorer cousins of science and technology, with little more than entertainment value. Woman was just a rib of Adam to be scoffed at and dismissed. Peace, compassion, compromise, became an ignoble path to pursue, and history instead glorified the way of the warrior, the uncompromising soldier of fortune, the conqueror.


Having placed itself on a pedestal, however, the ego began to show its feet of clay -- flaws and limitations which some of the progeny of the ‘fallen angels’ soon began to grow weary of. Each new left-brain scientific conquest raised more questions than it answered. Withdrawing from the ego's tight-fitting garb of logic, these adventurous souls stumbled upon the intuitive self waiting humbly in the shadows. Opening themselves to its possibilities, they found the world their spiritual ancestors left behind: a realm of dreams and visions, a dimension full of wisdom and magic, a universe which contained experiences that defied logic, yet made all the sense in the world.


Word spread, as more and more left-brainers defected, secretly at first, becoming left-brainers at work, and right-brainers in the privacy of their homes. But a good thing is hard to keep down, and eventually, left-brainers started 'coming out' in numbers all over the world. Physicists were becoming sand artists, econometricians were becoming storytellers, mathematicians were joining rock bands, and doctors were becoming yogis. People everywhere were revelling in the new wave of right-brain energy permeating the planet.


Raiding their scientific arsenals, ego-driven hardliners came out swinging, chopping down any idea that reeked of intuitive origins in the desperate hope of stemming the seductive tide of holistic thought. Near death experiences that drew the terminally ill to the Light were merely the last gasp of dying electrical brain circuits, even though people were returning to the land of the living with a wealth of verifiable knowledge which a dying brain could hardly be expected to concoct; mind-body medicine had more to do with the placebo effect than the power of the spirit to heal, detractors claimed; even the experience of neuroanatomist, Jill Bolte Taylor, as related in the book, My Stroke of Insight, found its critics, although it did transform the way the medical world views the right brain.


Despite the ego’s efforts to protect its self-appointed status, the intuitive self is experiencing a revival on a scale not seen since the rise of science, and it has brought with it a growing personal power which may dismay the dominant forces prevailing today, but suits the rest of the world just fine. Many people have already reinstated the intuitive self to full partnership with the logical self, wisely adding special vetoing rights. What’s more, we are at the dawn of a time when science itself has begun to reevaluate the body of experiences which fall under the category, ‘intuitive’. There is no turning back now.







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