Choose what experiences you wish to subject

 your mind and your body to every day –

deliberately, lovingly, joyfully.


There are two ways of looking at life:  we can trust that everything and everyone conspires to give us the best possible life, or we can distrust everything and everyone, looking for the worst behind every door.


When we approach life the first way - the light road of trust, love, laughter, creation - life becomes a wonderful adventure. When we take the second approach - the heavy road of distrust - life is soon filled with fear, unhappiness, and discontent. Most of us sway between these two approaches and end up confused, and more than a little disappointed with life.


I say, we lighten up and bring more fun into our lives. To do this, though, we must commit ourselves to the light road, regardless of what comes our way.


Ready? Then, say firmly:


I choose not to live in fear.

I choose to live in love, in joy.

What I focus on becomes my reality.

I create my own reality.


Feel the power in the last sentence. Hold that power.  It's yours, your birthright.


These are the building blocks (DATA) for a shift to the 'Light' side:

  • DIRECT thought carefully and precisely towards what you want in life.

  • ASK — the Universe, God, the Source, Tian, Allah, Vishnu, The Great Spirit, The Supreme Being — and you shall receive.

  • TRUST that the Universe has been designed to fulfill all your needs.

  • ALLOW life to flow in any direction.

Life is fun, believe it or not.  Pure creative fun.  Instead of saying, today I have to go to work, try saying, today I have to go to create.  See what a difference that one word will make.  You will either feel lighter, because that is after all what you're doing, or you will be shocked into the realization that you are not employed creatively, and you will want to change your situation.  If you are not creating, or enjoying the fruits of your creations, you are not having fun, and if you are not having fun, you are missing the point to existence.


When we can go to bed every night feeling creatively satiated, with a sense of mission accomplished, an aura of love given and well received, at one with the cosmos, a song in our hearts, every cell in our bodies pulsating with vitality and Light, then we can say, we are full participants in the Universe.  We are ALIVE!




Awakening Spirit-Sense™






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