We all want balance in our lives, but something invariably throws our equilibrium off - an argument at home, intrigue in the workplace, an ill-spoken phrase by a friend - and we end up doing and saying things we regret. Before long, the dense energy built up around us from painful thoughts and acts becomes difficult to penetrate.

How do we dispel, or better yet, avoid the dense energy created by discord?

  • We must first acknowledge that it is the temporary overwhelming of our senses by emotions that has caused us to commit painful and seemingly intractable acts.

  • Secondly, we can develop a few simple habits to make restraining the emotions a much easier task.

Learning not to Judge


If someone curses us, we have four choices, three of which will lead to conflict within ourselves:

  • to respond in kind;

  • to sit back smugly and say the person is bad and we are good;

  • to righteously damn the person in the Creator’s name, or

  • to remember that we have also done hurtful acts at some time or other.

Choosing the fourth allows us to let go of anger and radiate acceptance and Love. Then we can either transmute the pain into laughter, or walk away.


Choosing to be Compassionate


This is an emotion which can only spring from humility.  Humility is one of the hardest lessons to learn, perhaps because:

  • we've succeeded in making something of ourselves despite all odds, and we're so impressed with ourselves, we look down on those who fail, or

  • we've been stomped on in the past, and now that we've come into our own, we want to thumb our noses at all who belittled us.

Yet if we want to truly feel that we have achieved greatness, we must embrace humility.  It is the only interactive state that can protect us from personality weaknesses, for it acknowledges the greatness of others without denying our own greatness.


Being Respectful of Others


Regardless of background, We all spring from the same Source, and we all have access to the same abundance and wisdom that flows from that Source.

Wherever people's choices take them, they are learning lessons from which we—all beings—benefit in one form or another.

Don't be contemptuous of others. Instead, appreciate their tasks, respect their choice of path, and offer assistance only when asked.

Living a balanced life is within reach. If we take the time to step back and put things into perspective, peace can be a few heartbeats away.



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