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Step it Up!

Now, simply infuse the charged field with Love energy — that powerful force that keeps us alive! — and it will be as if you've introduced a step-up transformer. So many people who reach this point feel the urge to infuse the charged field with sexual energy. However when sex is used as a surrogate for love, the benefits are temporary.

 As you step it up more and more often, the cells of your body will begin to accept the heightened state of chi as the norm. In this state, you will find that creating the life you want will become much easier. So make sure you streamline your thoughts, wishes, and desires so that they are properly aligned with your goals.

Working Motion and Space

Wherever physical bodies exist, there are patterns of charged space in and around them. The degree to which you can charge the space around you will determine the extent to which you can manipulate your environment. (Again, take a look at the lives of successful athletes, musicians, dancers.)

There are many routines that will do the trick: dancing to your favourite music, playing tennis, or simply exercising. Choose the one that suits you.  Indulging in movement that is unpleasant will defeat the purpose and set up blockages within you. I find Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) to be one of the most effective tools for working space and motion.

As you go through your routine every morning, feel the energy around you becoming charged. There will be a tremendous ripple effect outwards. Feel your heart racing, as your cells become more alive. Simply work yourself up to a natural peak, and infuse with Love energy. Once you have raised your chi, give yourself a bonus: radiate your intention to achieve your daily goals and see what a difference it makes!

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