Love is not just an emotion, it is an energy far beyond this. It is the force that fills us with the power to create, to expand, to heal with a kind word, to brighten our surroundings at will, and to merge with all of nature. It is the energy that binds all particles in existence.


Love is to the spirit what air is to the body:

It is the breath of life.


So many people long for the secret of perpetual youth, but it cannot be found in a bottle. The secret of perpetual youth is LOVE, and an absolute understanding of this beautiful energy.  Just open yourself to the expansive energy field that links you with all of nature, and love will pour in. The more you fill up with love energy, the healthier your cells will become, and the healthier your cells become, the better they will perform.


Love puts you on a different plane of receptivity. You begin to hear, see, smell, feel, and taste a life beyond the average range (remember how the flush of first love felt? How everybody and everything around you seemed vibrant, beautiful? How unconditional you were prepared to be?) When you hold that high vibration, you cause your environs to interact with you at a rate akin to yours, or not at all.


Here are two examples:

  • Tom is in a bad mood. He looks at an op art painting and see a depressing scenario. The following day, something happens to cheer him up. He looks again at the painting. It appears as if he's seeing a different side to it, a fun side. Things appear that he was not previously aware of, and things he thought he saw or felt before, disappear. Actually, the painting is merely reflecting his current vibration back to him.

  • Aisha has lost a valuable ring, and she is distraught. She searches her home thoroughly, but it is not there. Much later, when she calms down, it miraculously reappears.

Everything depends on awareness. You feel, see, hear, taste, and smell that which is commensurate with your awareness.


A final example:

  • Diana has a radio that is not very sensitive to short-waves, so for her it is as if they do not exist. She visits a friend who has a radio that does receive short-wave signals, and suddenly a whole new world opens up to her.

To experience life fully, we too need to upgrade our 'receivers' and 'transmitters', and raise our sensitivities to higher frequencies. It is not so difficult. For a start, we can:

  • Open to Love

  • Willingly act as transmitters of Love

  • Treat all around us, even inanimate objects, and especially all aspects of ourselves, with love.

Just from these three acts alone we can accomplish a lot.  Our reactions to people, plants, creatures of all forms, foods, will change. Most importantly, our interaction with ourselves will alter perceptibly.







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