These days, so many people we know in their 50s and 60s are transiting —or more appropriately, transitioning — that some of us are throwing up our hands in sorrow and saying,  enough! But we must come to the realization that our generation has reached the departure lounge earlier than the previous one. So we have a choice: we can reel from one sad moment to another as if caught in a massive wave of despair and impending doom, or we can smile and say we've reached the Age of Farewell.

I could say, sadness is for the young, who have not lived yet, but some young people accomplish more in a mere 20 years than some 60 year olds do in their lifetime, and are ready to depart, so THIS MESSAGE IS UNIVERSAL.

FOR ALL OF US, there is another space in time, another place within, where we are meant to be. Think of it this way: life is a series of excursions that large groups of us decided to experience together, and we've all had marvellous adventures in our own ways, lots and lots of fun, with plenty of tears intermingled. Now the excursion is over for an increasing number of us, and the time has come to 'go back to the Light'. For the rest of us, the adventures continue with increasingly smaller bands of revellers.

Practice saying: It's been good. "Despite the trials and tribulations, IT'S BEEN GOOD!"

When one among us must depart, let's smile and wave a happy goodbye-for-now while we let the wonderful memories of time spent together wrap us in a warm blanket of Love. Farewells are hard, and the tears must fall, but behind every drop let there be a glow in our hearts, for it has been a good, and for those of us left standing, there's more joy and beauty to experience, and more challenges to overcome, as we continue to explore the truly amazing creative powers within each and every one of us. AVANTI!

We invite you to jump into the stream of harmony with us and SEE the incredibly interconnected and expansive world we live in, where there can be no separation:





Somewhere between toddler-hood and adulthood, we learn that if we really want something, we must ask for it, pray for it, work hard for it and if we want it badly enough, we find ourselves constantly daydreaming about it. Then one day, it manifests. We get what we want...and we move on to the next grand scheme that tickles our fancy. Some of us dream big, others are yet to learn how to go beyond boundaries set by society and our environment, but we all have an idea of how to get what we want for ourselves. When it comes, however, to creating an environment of peaceful evolution for our communities, our countries, our world, few people dare to dream that big. Why? Because they can't IMAGINE it.

The mind is powerful. Our thoughts and imagination drive our world.

Right now, as CV-19 rages through our cities, our town, our homes, tearing the world as we know it down, showing us all the places and spaces that need Light, it’s hard to imagine a future that is bright. But it’s right there, at our fingertips:

...beyond the fear, a kernel of Light peeping through veils of confusion and despair reminds us that we ARE beings of Light connected to an ocean of wisdom that guarantees us a path to life as it should be.

All it takes is a shift in perspective.

The best happens when we collectively imagine the best, and the worst happens when we collectively imagine the worst. So if we cannot collectively imagine a world without wars, it won’t come into being.

Everyone declares that they want to live in peace and yet, in reality, conflict is what we avidly feed on daily. 90% of our movies, our news reports, our TV dramas, play up conflict with vicious brutality. In sci-fi movies and books, people’s clothing get more and more sophisticated, technology is now multidimensional, and still the minds of future generations remain mired in fear, and its cronies greed, despair, and conflict. The only thing to look forward to, it seems, is enslavement by the technology of the day.

Is this really the future you want, 21st century people? I’m guessing the answer is a resounding NO! for most of us. Well... the only way that ‘no’ can become a reality is if a sufficient number of us consciously choose to create a new paradigm — one that has peace and accord at its core so we can finally find out what creative greatness lies beyond the state of universal harmony. And that's exactly what groups of us all over the world have been doing  'independently' for the past few decades, and now the paradigm is in place, waiting for the 'sleepers' to awaken to the new reality.

Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that peace is for pansies! The determination, strength, and emotional balance it takes to move beyond the rape-and-pillage, every-person-for-themselves models, as they pertain to people and resources, business or pleasure, requires a step-up in consciousness, a quantum leap into the unbounded unknown, which only the very brave seek. But those who have done it have paved the way for others to follow.

If you are one of those still hesitant to take the leap, isn’t it time to pluck up the courage and say YES! to breaking the bonds that have been keeping us tied to an old paradigm we’ve long outgrown? Why are there protests going on now in many countries right across the globe right now? People are asking for the new paradigm. What is the pandemic asking of us? To become aware of our interconnectedness, and our need for Ubuntu, the philosophy that leaves no-one behind, that says, 'I am, because we are." The shift in  perspective is happening. Let's take the 'cosmic staircase' together up to that place within us that mirrors the unity symbolized by our sister star system, the Pleiades. Let us rise to the consciousness of our interconnectedness, of Oneness, from which compassion, harmony, Love, naturally spring.





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