To reconnect with your true Nature, there must first be an awareness that we, humanity, are all One, connected by tendrils of love.

So let us move beyond the belief in separation by practicing the following Four Steps to Interconnectedness.

Inhale deeply and fill your cells with the Divine Love that nature holds in abundance for us. Use the love energy to connect with your...

  • BODY - everything begins 'at home'. Your body is your base. You must first get yourselves in tune with the codes and messages issuing daily from your own bodies. Since your body can, and does, guide you to the proper foods, activity, and environs that will keep you at an optimal level of internal harmony, imbalances are invariably signals that some aspect of yourself is not being honoured in some way. To be fully conscious of your body, you must extend your awareness beyond the mind into every cell of your body. Feel their aliveness. Treat each cell as a communicable entity, so to speak, and interact lovingly with it until you feel your consciousness spreading from your toes to your head.

  • INTUITION - that etheric body of energy in and around you.  Once you feel you have made a connection with your physical self, begin to sense your energy self, which we shall call your intuition. Recall what it feels like to be extremely excited, for example, when you can sense waves of intense energy around you. That is your energy response to emotion. Acknowledge also, as intuitive contact, the subtle impressions you get when moving close to another being and take note of intuitive conclusions drawn from these contacts.

  • FELLOW BEINGS - of all backgrounds and stations in life. Now begin to look at yourself and every other being as a manifestation of the Creator. When you approach someone, feel the loving 'strings' that bind you, the humanity that connects you. Then allow your energy to expand outwards to touch theirs - yes even that of the stinking beggar in the street.

  • UNIVERSE - everything around, above and below you.  Finally, stand on a hill or mountain, overlooking a city or dwellings, and inhale deeply. Feel the air around you and sense it undulating on the surface of your skin. Stretch your arms out luxuriously as if to connect with the sky, then expand into everything. Say: I am the sky, I am the tree, I am the dog, I am the grass, I am the city, I am that person.... There will be a sense of smallness at first, as you contemplate the enormity of what you are suggesting to yourself, then, click! For a brief moment, you will feel as if you can see all around you, feel around you, know all around you, are everything around you.

The moment our personalities or egos forget the illusion, and merge with the reality of Oneness, we connect with our true Nature. We feel a deep sense of knowing, an unshakeable confidence in who we are, for within that true Self resides all the forgotten knowledge and wisdom to harness our core power and create the lives we want.







Connect With Your True Nature

Harness your Core Power

Be The Change Your Heart Desires

Create The Life You Want

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