"Become an oasis of peace...

...and let your ripples spread outwards

into your community, into your nation

and into the world."



We gather in HeartSpace to hold a vision

A vision

Of pure, healing love for our world

That we may all be able to walk this earth

Deeply resonating with the exciting, authentic essence of our core Selves,

Feeling the freedom to unveil and manifest our unique, creative gifts

Unfettered by fear, anger or violence.

A vision

of opening to the awesome possibilities

Of what we can achieve together when we each harness

The power of active nonviolence,

Of active peacemaking.

 A vision

That every human being

Be held in a space of deep respect by all others

And that each may freely carve their Sacred Path on earth,

however they define it,

And experience

their Bliss.




Please come in and explore!




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