Stories of Nonviolence:

Voice of Compassion


As we sit in meditation during this Season for Nonviolence, let us envision a grid of Unconditional Love encircling our Globe, supporting all those individuals and organizations working to make nonviolence our planet’s operating principle.


Sixty-eight year old Donato Francisco Mattera, South African born with Italian heritage, now walks the Earth with the compassionate power of Soul and has taken his place as community Elder.  Don was born in the days of Apartheid and was brought up in a cosmopolitan suburb of Johannesburg by a grandfather who was an Italian  immigrant and a grandmother who was a Khoisan/Xhosa woman.


Influenced by the times and circumstances, he was a gang member in his teens, but then relinquished that life to engage in political activism and over the years, humanitarianism.  He became a poet and a journalist, and with great resilience of spirit, transcended his past ~ he overcame the travails of being designated ‘coloured’ in apartheid South Africa.  He transformed himself into a man of authentic power, a man of compassion and grace.


As he took that journey into Soul, Don Mattera released all the Soul-clouding emotions of bitterness and anger, and now uses the wisdom and power he gained from that journey, to make others stronger.  He is turning the tide and transmuting the ripples of destructive energy and impulses laid down in the Apartheid past. His mission is to ‘help remove the pain and suffering from people’s lives’ and to remove the invisible chains of limitation from their minds that remain as a legacy of the yoke of oppression.  Don has stretched out a powerful hand of understanding and compassion to pull others out of the density of their circumstances into a fuller and more fulfilling experience of living through Spirit.


 Don counsels street-children and those who have chosen to explore lives as gangsters and inmates.  For having experienced those avenues himself, he now passes on the wisdom he learned - that in destroying others, you destroy yourself.  Don has established a Day Center for mentally and physically handicapped children and travels the country speaking to the school children to motivate them about their future and the future of the new South Africa.  He speaks eloquently to the children in the language of love and poetry, raising their vision of themselves and their country, elevating their minds and spirits to higher, finer and nobler nonviolent pursuits of exquisite benefit to themselves and all of humanity.


Don Mattera’s dedication to living consciously from his heart center is reflected in his poems of compassion and in his recent children's book entitled ‘Inside the Heart of Love’.


When you let your compassion flow

As gently as water slips over and around obstacles,

As powerfully and as easily as water carves a path through stone,

You will be touching and embracing the gentle but powerful spirit of

nonviolence.  And the eddies of your compassion will soothe and heal yourself and those around you.


As we join our hearts together, know that powerful beacons of Light and Love will shine forth into the world, will join those from others of like intent, and be directed to those in greatest need on our beloved planet.


As we each prepare for the moment, let the mood be one of unconditional love…

…and May the Force be with us!


Please light your candles (optional) and commence with the following peace poem:


Dear God, Great Spirit,

We sit in a space of pure Love,

 holding a vision of earth families all over the globe,

consciously opening their heart centers and releasing into the world, a gentle flow

of compassion for self and others.


And let that powerful ocean of compassion flow around the planet,

inspiring insight into transcending past pain,

engaging hearts to authentic action, and

healing the Whole.

~ Aum ~


After this introductory vision/meditation/prayer, please express your own vision of peace. (As always, please feel free to modify the peace poem, or to use your own.)


~ Celebrating Great Souls Becoming ~


Please close your peace session with the extinguishing of the candle.



This Peace Circle was inspired by Don Mattera exuding compassion from every pore, and his commitment to raising the healing vibrations of the world.  It is the 11th of the SNV2004 Peace Circles.



  • The PBS documentary ‘Facing the Truth with Bill Moyers’ (March, 1999).

  • ‘Don Mattera: Poet of Compassion’, by Lucille Davie, Johannesburg News Agency, October 15, 2002.

  • The quote from Jane Goodall comes from the 3-part documentary ‘Women of Wisdom and Power’ (September, 2001) from Producer/Director Lili Fournier.

 ‘We have to realize that

what every single one of us does every single day

does make a difference – it impacts the world around us. 

We all have a choice – what sort of difference do we want to make?’

– Jane Goodall




April 4, 2004           

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