Stories of Nonviolence:

 The Inner Nudge ~ Following Your Bliss


As we sit in meditation during this Season for Nonviolence, let us envision a grid of Unconditional Love encircling our Globe, supporting all those individuals and organizations working to make nonviolence our planet’s operating principle.


 “And one day, I just like woke up in my early 40s and said:  I’m not going to have it all or the all that I’m trying to get is not worth having - I’m dying inside.  Now I was right on schedule!  Women in droves in their 40s tend to defect from high power jobs and go through this inner search:  ‘What is important?  What will make me happy?  What are my priorities?’  And then they begin to arrange their outside life to reflect what’s going on inside.”  – Joan Borysenko


For both women and men, it is the inner urge to give greater meaning to their lives and to express their native talents and creativity in ways that are of benefit to humanity at large that is at the root of the inner search.


‘That which you are seeking is causing you to seek.’


And as you respond to this powerful inner nudge, you are led to make changes in your life that family and friends usually find incomprehensible, but that you find totally ‘the thing to do’, like…


…the economist working in Hong Kong who left her lucrative job in investment banking to follow a childhood dream of hers of mentoring children from all over the world to unity, and who founded a humanitarian organization called ‘Council for the Promotion of Unity’;


…the high-powered actuary who followed her inner nudge and found contentment as a fish monger on the coast of North America;



…the architect who did what he loved and created his abundance at the same time by following his inner urge to quit a job he no longer enjoyed, and build sandcastles instead!  His company Sandscapes, now builds sand sculptures at fairs, festivals and shopping centers worldwide;


…the woman who followed a powerful urge to experience the world and embarked on a 5-year Global Walk to raise funds and an awareness of breast cancer.  On her travels so far, she interacted with cultures different from her own, recognizing and receiving the warmth and succor of strangers, thus experiencing first hand the deeply thrilling discovery that we are the same the world over.  It’s an experience that moves her profoundly;


…and the engineer who left the security of his corporate job to follow the inner urgings of his heart to express a deeper purpose in life, and became a minister.


These women and men chose to follow that deep inner nudge from Soul to fulfill their desire for authentic expression, for beauty, for happiness and for fulfillment.  For some of us, the ‘inner nudge’ is often facilitated by life as illness strikes, jobs fall away, marriages fail or children grow up and leave the nest and life as we know it crumbles around our ears.  But the beauty of following the inner nudge is that from the ashes of our old life is born a new us, confident and secure, having discovered the beauty of who we truly are, what we truly need and the things that truly make us passionate. And we begin the adventure of following our bliss.


Being soul-directed, following your inner wisdom,

is inherently an act of nonviolence.


As we join our hearts together, know that powerful beacons of Light and Love will shine forth into the world, will join those from others of like intent, and be directed to those in greatest need on our beloved planet.


As we each prepare for the moment, let the mood be one of unconditional love…

…and May the Force be with us!


Please light your candles (optional) and commence with the following peace poem:


We celebrate the journey of following our bliss!

A journey filled with the adventure of excavating our authentic passions

A journey filled with exploring the wealth of creativity we possess

A journey filled with the excitement of discovering

and expressing our uniqueness,

our authentic Selves.


We hold the vision that all people everywhere

Discover the power that paying attention to the inner nudges of Soul

brings to the creation of a struggle-free, fulfilling life,

And experience the satisfaction of bringing

both new and long forgotten dreams

into being.


May we all find resonance with the joy of following our bliss.


After this introductory vision/meditation/prayer, please express your own vision of peace. (As always, please feel free to modify the peace poem, or to use your own.)


~ Celebrating Great Souls Becoming ~


Please close your peace session with the extinguishing of the candle.



This Peace Circle was inspired by the experience of life – my own and that of friends, family, colleagues and strangers on the same journey.  It is the 4th in the series of SNV2004 Peace Circles.



  • The quotes from Joan Borysenko and Jean Houston come from the 3-part documentary ‘Women of Wisdom and Power’ (September, 2001) from Producer/Director Lili Fournier.

  • The quote ‘that which you are seeking is causing you to seek’ is the title of a book by A Center for the Practice of Zen Buddhist Meditation.

  • The Fine Living TV program entitled ‘Radical Sabbatical’, and conversations with John L.

 ‘And then you enter the great road of trials, the road of adventures.

You take off, you take on quests, you take on new opportunities

and then, more allies show up and it’s somehow

 as if the Universe is conspiring with you

to bring you home.’

– Jean Houston


February 18, 2004



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