Living Consciously ~ Harnessing Authentic Power


As we sit in meditation during this Season for Nonviolence, let us envision a grid of Unconditional Love encircling our Globe, supporting all those individuals and organizations working to make nonviolence our planet’s operating principle.


After giving a lecture at a Church in England, author Gary Zukav was chatting with audience members when he saw their eyes suddenly widen in horror.  He began to turn but was too late – an angry, disheveled little man with wild eyes came up and struck him from behind on the back of his neck.  As Gary wheeled around to face his assailant, the man came at him again.  In that moment, this ex- Green Beret put out his hand in a nonviolent gesture and asked his assailant: “Why are you so angry?”  Confused, the man stopped, muttered something and walked quickly away towards the altar, where he kneeled and started to pray.  As he prayed, Gary’s heart melted for he knew the man’s prayer was sincere. 


But then the angry little man got up and started towards Gary once more.  Not wanting to be hit again, but uncertain of what to do, Gary averted his gaze and did not meet the man’s eyes although he kept him in his peripheral vision.  The man came forward a few more steps then suddenly turned and walked out the door of the Church.


As Gary mused over this unnerving experience that night in the safety of his room, a curious recognition unfolded. He realized that he was ashamed that he hadn’t defended himself, yet at the same time, he felt proud, for he realized that he had not struck back, he had not used his fist or defended himself in the way that he would have in his previous career as a Special Forces Officer in the Army.  In fact, he realized that in the moment of confronting his assailant, the thought of attacking did even not cross his mind!  And he also realized that the disheveled, angry little man had presented him with an enormous gift – the gift of knowing that he could walk his talk of expressing harmony and nonviolence.  All of his doubts vanished and Gary felt exhilarated.  For now he knew that he could be in the world without striking back, without using his fist and without using violence.



Today, Gary still blesses the angry little man for the gift that was presented to him in the Church in England that day, and considers him a brother.  For, when confronted with that act of violence, he had accessed the beauty of his Soul and automatically expressed nonviolent, authentic power instead of the external (violent) power, and was able to frame the event from the perspective of Soul Wisdom and Soul Truth.


When you choose to make nonviolence a way of life,

you are choosing to live from the perspective of your Soul.


As we join our hearts together, know that powerful beacons of Light and Love will shine forth into the world, will join those from others of like intent, and be directed to those in greatest need on our beloved planet.


As we each prepare for the moment, let the mood be one of unconditional love…

…and May the Force be with us!


Please light your candles (optional) and commence with the following peace poem:


Dear God, Great Spirit,

from an expanded place of Being

We hold a space of Unconditional Love, wisdom and awareness

By which all human beings everywhere may consciously choose to act

from their center of authentic Power. May our experience of that choice

awaken us to our capacity to act with greatness

in the face of all challenges,

and strengthen our confidence in our power to transmute to love,

the anger and violence within ourselves and others.

~ Aum and Amen ~


After this introductory vision/meditation/prayer, please express your own vision of peace. (As always, please feel free to modify the peace poem, or to use your own.)


~ Celebrating Great Souls Becoming ~


Please close your peace session with the extinguishing of the candle.



This Peace Circle was inspired by that incredible moment a friend stopped by to show Gary Zukav that he could walk his talk, that he could live his Truth of love and nonviolence.  It is the 9th in the SNV2004 series of Peace Circles.



  • Gary Zukav on the Oprah Show (26 April, 2000).

  • The quote from Cicely Tyson is taken from the website of Gather the Women.

  “Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew.

They're what make the instrument stretch ~ what make you go beyond the norm.”

- Cicely Tyson


March 22, 2004

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