Touching Inner Beauty


This is an invitation to experience the wisdom of YOU.  The greatest gift you can give yourself and the world, is to experience and express your inner beauty.  For within each of us is a source of love and wisdom that far exceeds anything we can find externally.


Close your eyes and take a walk in the beauty of evening.


Step barefoot onto warm sand at sunset.  Pause and feel the grains of warm sand shifting between your toes.  Breathe evenly and look all around you, at the water, the sand and the painted sky.  Experience the smile of beauty that washes through your body as sunsetís vibrant glow lights up your senses.  Inhale the cool ocean breeze that skims majestic waves and laps gently against your skin.  Listen to the shoreline birds wing past your head as they glide the air with ease and grace.  Touch the craggy bark of driftwood washed up on the beach by the afternoon tide, and taste the salty spray that softly sprinkles your face.


Now, breathing gently, shift your full awareness to the smile illuminating your body.  This is your essence.  This is the feeling and energy of your inner beauty.


When you connect with your inner beauty, your thoughts and actions align with that beauty and with inner wisdom solutions.  Nonviolence now becomes innate and effortless.


And, kindness and compassion flow, to yourself and to others.


So fall in love with the beauty of your Self.

For this is where harmony begins - within.


Season for Non-Violence 2014




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