Real Magic For Our Children



Gently get into a quiet, meditative Soul Space of healing power.


Calling all angels, calling all angels

walk me through this one

donít leave me alone

calling all angelsÖ

- Excerpt from lyrics of ĎCalling All Angelsí by Jane Siberry and  k.d. lang

Copyright Jane Siberry and k.d. lang



Once upon a time in a small, quaint coastal village just a stoneís throw away, there lived Eli, eldest son of a fisherman. One day, as was his habit, Eli raced down to the rocky beach to greet his fatherís schooner as the men of the village put back into port after several long, grueling days of deep sea fishing.


Now, twelve year old Eli loved his father dearly, but ever since his mother died three years ago, just about the time the toxic red tide came and stayed, slowly destroying the fishermenís livelihood, his father had become grumpy, surly and ill-tempered and barely noticed that he existed. 


Nevertheless, Eli continued to greet his father each time the fleet came home, sure that one day, he would find his fatherís face creased in smiles rather than furrowed by a frown or a scowl.  Today was not that day.  In fact, today was worse than all the other days, and Eli would gladly have traded this day for any one of the others.  For today, Eliís father never returned home.  His boat was docked, but Eliís father was nowhere to be found.  Later, Eli learned that with no catch for the day, his father had chosen to bring his boat back early, and had then hitched a ride with a lorry driver, leaving the village of his birth and leaving his six small children behind to fend for themselves.


Eli was shattered, reeling with the shock of abandonment, first by his mother and then by his father.  As the eldest, he had to find a way to keep his siblings fed and clothed, and for many, many arduous months he did just that by using his wits to find odd jobs here and there, and by begging and stealing. Now, even in the midst of all this, there was a small part of Eli that had important dreams, and so on clear, cloudless nights after making sure his siblings were sheltered and OK, Eli would sit on a rocky outcropping overlooking the ocean and, gazing up at the brilliant moon, he would send his dreams into the Universe and imagine a life where he had loving parents, a life where someone cared enough to take him out of his present predicament, a life where he could grow up to pursue his passion of being an architect.  Fuelled by his deep longing for safety and stability, Eli painted his dreams richly, in great detail and in full Technicolor. In this way, Eli kept his dreams alive despite the odds of his present reality.  But at the same time, Eli was so angry and hurt and bitter at being abandoned that he resolved never to trust another human being ever again.


That is, that is the way he felt until the evening that he went scavenging for shoes for his youngest sister in a rubbish dump just out back of a small furniture store. For that was the day that Eli met an ex-fisherman named Ulric.  Ulric was a cheerful, generously proportioned man whose face was always creased with smiles that never diminished even when the red tide came and changed the fortunes of the fishermen. After the first year of the red tide, Ulric had wisely turned his hand to another of his passions Ė making hand-turned, wooden furniture, and in a short time, as his furniture became popular with the tourists, he had prospered.


On the evening that Eli was scavenging behind his shop, Ulric caught sight of him from his back window as he was closing up for the night. Now Ulric had a deep sense that all children needed to be protected, that no child should have to live without safety and security.  So he scooped Eli up and took him home with him and fed him.


Eli gratefully gobbled down the steaming plate of food that Ulric placed in front of him.  Warmed by the food and by the roaring fire blazing in the hearth, Eli wriggled his toes in sheer delight.  Looking around him for the first time, he saw the orange-gold, flickering firelight spilling gently out into the cozy room, casting a soft glow on all of Ulricís exquisitely carved wooden furniture.  He stared, almost mesmerized, at the burnished copper kettle on the rough hewn kitchen table in front of him that reflected the firelight into a thousand flecks of warm, golden light.  And when he saw the dancing, crackling flames mirrored in Ulricís smiling brown eyes, Eli knew that with Ulric, he would always be warm, safe and comfortable.


So, Eli broke his vow of not trusting anyone ever again and opened up to this cheerful man, explaining about his father and about his siblings.  And as Eli gazed into Ulricís smiling face, a face weathered and wrinkled with deep laughter lines, he could feel so much love and caring exuding from Ulric that suddenly Eli, remembering his hopes for his own father, knew without a shadow of a doubt that today was that special day he had hoped for.  In Ulricís smiling presence, he felt strongly in his being the opening up of vast and rich possibilities for his life, so much so that he could almost reach out and touch them, and he knew for certain that today was the beginning of the ripening of all of his dreams.  And he was right, for Ulric took Eli and all of his siblings in, and raised them as his own.  Two years later, Ulric married Marta, a woman of great kindness and compassion, a woman that he had loved ever since he could remember, and Eliís dream was fulfilled.  Eli and his siblings and their new parents Marta and Ulric, lived together in love and comfort until the children were grown, and years later, as a young architect with his own family, Eli never tired of telling his children the tale of the day that his dreams came to pass, the day he experienced Real Magic ~ the day that he met Earth Angel Ulric.


As we join our hearts together, know that powerful beacons of Light and Love will shine forth into the world, will join those from others of like intent, and be directed to those in greatest need on our beloved planet.


As we each prepare for the moment, let the mood be one of unconditional loveÖ

Öand May the Force be with us! J


Please light your candles (optional) and commence with the following peace poem:


Tonight we are sending out into the ether, into the Universe,

a call for all Earth Angels to spin Real Healing Magic

for each Earth Child out of golden strands

of love, laughter and caring

And to wrap each child

in a blanket of this spun magic

of rich, multicolored gossamer threads

of sparkling Light shot through with fine flecks of Gold


That each child on this planet will know without a shadow of a doubt

that their lives matter, that they are important, that at least one someone

cares about them deeply, and cares unreservedly about

their comfort and well being and safety,

That at least one someone loves them



We are sending out a call to the Universe

That each child will experience

a magical encounter

with an Earth Angel,

A magical dream

Or a magical moment

Of safety and peace


So that they can feel free to play with wild abandon

So that they can quiver with laughter, and so that their creative imaginations

Can soar with exultation and delight as they stand in our Light Shower of Real Magic!


And let that magic spill over into the hearts of the simple, fun-loving

parts of all of us adults whose eyes still sparkle with the thought

of the promise of real magic in our lives, and bring with it

a lightness of heart, and a willingness to delight

in the simple magic of a strangerís smile

and pat on the shoulder

of unconditional friendship.


May that Real Magic also bring to us

a sense of purpose and quiet expectancy of miracles of love and abundance appearing in our lives, an ability to see the beauty unfolding in our lives

and in every aspect of the world around us,

and an ever present joie de vivre!


So, for all the children of the Earth

and for all the older, light and lively children at heart

May we be bathed in a shower of Real Magic at all times,

free to kick up our heels and play  in our very own sandbox of joy

and fulfillment, free to throw ourselves down a sand dune, rolling

and tumbling with wild abandon (in reality or metaphorically),

free to soar to unlimited heights of Spirit,


our Soulís desires ~

That which makes us catch our breath with excitement and pleasure

That which makes our hearts sing with sweet jubilation

That which sweeps us up to heights sublime!


After this introductory vision/meditation/prayer, please express your own vision of peace. (As always, please feel free to modify the peace poem, or to use your own.)


And hereís a reminder for those of us with an inner ache for peace of mind, and peace in the reality of our fast-paced lives of today with all the stresses of coping with feeding, housing, clothing and keeping safe our children Ė the children within our family and all the children of the world ~


Align yourself to your Soul

Listen to those inner pleadings to be at ease and on purpose

It is in this mindset that Real Magic will become available to you.

- Author unknown


Please close your peace session with the extinguishing of the candle.



This Peace Circle fulfills my pledge to the Global Movement for Children, an organization under the patronage of Nelson Mandela and GraÁa Machel, to do one Peace Circle for the children of the world each year. 


It is inspired in part by the ĎReal Magicí quote given to me by my wonderful friend Frankie, and in part by the story of 7 American children who were abandoned by their mother somewhere on the continent of Africa after a family holiday there.  The eldest girl kept the faith that they would find a way to get back home to the US even when her pleas to the US embassy failed.  And one day, by chance, two interfaith ministers discovered them and moved heaven and earth to restore them to their home country, and to find new parents for them.



December 24 & 31, 2004







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