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I believe that we were meant to live joyful lives exploring the wonders of self, the excitement of interpersonal relationships and the exquisite beauty of the world, the Universe and everything!

Yet for our human family in the 21st century, it is not always possible to achieve this because our differences get in the way – differences of culture, skin colour and religion. And while these differences do give us great pleasure when we sample the cuisine and the arts and crafts from around the world, we falter when it comes to real (authentic) interpersonal connections.

The crippling legacy of religious wars, racism and ethnic cleansing over the centuries is our present xenophobia about people who look and think differently from us. And today, at the level of individuals and nations, these fears give rise to yet more violence and war in a weary, seemingly never-ending cycle. The problem is that in the middle of a conflict when we feel that the core of our beings, our way of life or our personal freedom is being threatened, we often feel that we have only one option – to lash out in violence verbally or physically.

But we do have other options. we need to find the courage to look through and beyond the misbehaving personality to the wounded human frailty behind it. We need to be willing to take the risk of opening up to each other our vulnerable, fragile Center of Self where truth, beauty and authentic power reside, that pure core of our essential being. There we will find the commonality between us. And then we will see that (s)he is us..

And we can do this one person at a time until we transform ourselves and the world.




If there is light in the soul,

There will be beauty in the person.

If there is beauty in the person,

There will be harmony in the house.

If there is harmony in the house,

There will be order in the nation.

If there is order in the nation,

There will be peace in the world.

                                                        - Ancient Chinese Proverb




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