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 - Where There is Love, There Can be no Separation 


  • If you feel estranged from family and don't know what to do, find your way back to love;

  • If you're losing, or have lost that special connection with yourself, find your way back to love;

  • If you've lost someone precious and are inconsolable, remember that death does not separate, grief does, so focus on the love-ly times spent together, and you will begin to feel them close to you again;

  • If your country or your people are at war with each other, the superficial differences between you are not the cause, nor is it the bitter words and deeds; you have forgotten how to love.

  • When in the presence of someone you 'hate', commit an act of love and see how quickly the sun will begin to shine again on your relationship.


  • Without it, we die slowly inside. Lust and passion cannot replace it. Fame and fortune become meaningless. We get stuck on a merry-go-round of amassing material wealth.

  • With it, however, everything is possible, and life becomes the great adventure it was meant to be! Lust and passion are recognized for their transiency and enjoyed to the max; Material possessions become tools of creativity, and fame and fortune, gifts to be shared.


If there is light in the soul,

There will be beauty in the person.

If there is beauty in the person,

There will be harmony in the house.

If there is harmony in the house,

There will be order in the nation.

If there is order in the nation,

There will be peace in the world.

                                                        - Chinese Proverb




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