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 - We Were Hiding . . . 



The conditions that give rise to displaced persons and refugees continue to be an important issue in the 21st century, a crisis which creates hardship for millions and severe economic burdens on asylum countries.


One heart-wrenching part of this crisis is that 10 million of our children under 18 make up half of the world’s refugees, a fact that the world simply cannot ignore or tolerate.


But who will stop the flow of displaced persons? Who will protect those displaced by climate-related disasters? Who will bring to a close those violent and ignorant actions by some among us that cause people to be uprooted from homes once thought to be safe, displaced from native lands once thought to be nurturing?


Well… we must, each in our own way, one step at a time...



"We were hiding, my Dad, my Mom, and myself. And they came and killed us. They cut me with a machete and killed me... They did it for nothing."

- 5 year old orphan girl (Rwanda)


Are we hiding from the pain this little one experienced? Are we hiding from the pain currently being experienced by millions of others today? Their numbers are rising, and in 2010 alone, over 42 million people became suddenly displaced largely as a result of climate-related hazards. Are we hiding from the responsibility we have as human beings to allow the best possible life not only for ourselves, but for others?


We must stop the terror of children in war and armed conflict, struggling to cope with loss of limbs, loss of family and constant threats to life. We must do what we can to mitigate the risks of climate-related hazards and protect those already impacted. We must, for although we may feel that the magnitude of the situation is daunting, we truly have the power to make a difference, step by step, by transforming the conditions in our own minds and hearts, and therefore humankind, that cause these devastating humanitarian crises.


So shall we join with all humanitarians from today forward to lend the power of our intent to the plight of all refugees and displaced persons, and to hold a vision for an awakening of compassion in the hearts of those who manifest their fear of others in hate and violence, and, let us hold unwavering, a vision of growing global wisdom that will heal this crisis in our lifetime.



May we all have the courage to seek harmonious coexistence,

step by step, each in our own way,

until the conditions that spawn refugees no longer exist.


From the Peace Circle 'Displaced Persons and Refugees' (Dec.2002)




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