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As we tread our Paths on this Earth, we each have our unique ways of engaging life and living to our fullest capacities.  For some of us, this entails having God, Great Spirit, Allah as a part of our way of being in the world.  For others of us, a different spark of knowing leads us to pursue the highest human and/or spiritual attributes in unique ways of our choosing.  And although it may seem that we have no common ground in our different approaches, in fact we do.  For there is a meeting place where we can talk freely with each other without misinterpretation, a place where togetherness, compassion and creativity flourishes.  That meeting place of commonality is HeartSpace, where we connect and all speak one language - the Language of Love.


The Peace Circles have been created as much as possible from that place of Love, and in the peace meditations therefore, you will notice that the salutation Dear God, Great Spirit is sometimes included and sometimes not.  This is the way I have chosen to honour all those whose Language of Love naturally includes such a salutation, and all those whose Language of Love does not.



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