Global Healing


Gently get into a quiet, meditative Soul Space of healing power.


“Ubuntu –

a person

is a person

through other persons.

We are made for complementarity,

we are made to live in a delicate network of complementarity.”

– Archbishop Desmond Tutu.


And in the sacred Circle of Life,

we also need the mountains, the trees, the oceans, and the air,

the four-legged, the winged, the finned, the many-legged and those that slither.

For all of life, all of Earth, exists in a delicate network of complementarity,

in an intricately beautiful web of interconnectedness.

We need each other and all our relations.


Thuli sat on a large, flat rock in the middle of the nearly dry river bed, idly looking at the trickle of water flowing past him. He was only eleven, but as he gazed out over the blowing earth, he knew something was wrong.  He could see it in the lackluster eyes of the adults, who now seemed shadows of their former selves. It was almost as if the spirit had gone out of the community.  Even the children scarcely had time to play anymore, and he knew that this was definitely not the way it should be.  He knew that something even bigger than the drying river was going on, although he was not quite sure what, and he felt strongly that he must find a way to restore vitality to his village.



As he pondered, Thuli suddenly became acutely conscious of his surroundings: the hot, dry air swirling around him and ruffling the hair on his arms, the smell of the earth and tropical vegetation baking in the sun, and the odor of the forest animals hidden high up on the mountain slopes above him.  The faint sound of his parents arguing in the house floated clearly to his ears as did the sound of their two dogs fussing and squabbling in the front yard – both people and animals had become short tempered ever since the rains stopped coming.  And way in the distance downstream on the deep red, dry river bottom, he caught a glimpse of a strange flash of blue which immediately piqued his curiosity.  Quickly, he ran to retrieve the object, and, comfortably ensconced on his flat rock once more, he examined it closely, almost mesmerized by the colour, for he had never seen anything quite like it before.  It was a brilliant, deep midnight-blue stone studded with tiny, tiny flecks of gold. And fascinatingly, despite the incredibly hot day, it was very, very cool to the touch. As he gazed at it, he felt a beautiful peace and calm sweep over him, and an odd feeling of remembrance tugged at him.


Thuli lay back on his flat rock with the strange blue-and-gold stone clutched in his hand and dozed off in the warm sunshine.  As he slipped smoothly into dreamtime, he experienced a great feeling of love and began to fly free.  He heard a voice speaking, a voice as familiar and warm as the sun, and as comforting as the red earth, and it said:


“…now is the time, now is the time to reconnect, and to heal…”


Simultaneously, Thuli, in flight in dreamtime, looked up and saw in the distance, an enormous mountain capped with white, standing taller than the clouds.  Her slopes were covered with lush green and there was a fine mist of rain gently bathing the green. Instinctively, he knew that it was his mountain.  Flying closer, Thuli zoomed in through the forest canopy and spied through the trees, a cascading mountain spring sparkling in the sun, and the most amazing sight.  Just in front of him, above the crystal waters, an eagle hovered, looking earthwards, talons reaching down, and wings spread majestically in a ‘V’.  And coming directly towards the eagle, a condor, gliding powerfully in the clear blue sky with outstretched wings, light, easy and comfortable.  It was looking at the eagle and at Thuli, waiting.


“Long, long ago, hundreds of thousands of years before you were born”, the gentle, familiar voice continued, “there arose from the crust of the Earth, a great mountain volcano.  At twenty thousand feet tall, she was striking and powerful.  She created her own weather and many distinct eco-systems: hot savannahs, dense rainforests, alpine meadows, and frigid arctic peaks at her summit, each with its own rich diversity of life.


Standing proud and majestic, the mountain became a sanctuary for the ants, the birds, the colobus monkeys, the leopards, the elephants and your ancestors, who came to live in her great forests four hundred years ago.  The mountain nourished and protected them all.  She trapped water from the heavens in a magnificently intricate way, by first breaking the fall of torrential downpours with a canopy of very tall trees, then capturing the moisture in successive cascades down through the forest and into the mosses and rich soil at the forest floor.  She also filtered the clear waters from the heavens and from the glaciers, through her ancient lava rocks into crystal pure rivers that tumbled down the mountain all year long. From her waters, abundance flowed and there was always enough to eat.  And for generations of plants, trees, people and all the creatures who made the mountain their home, the Circle of Life flourished and all was well.


Back then, your ancestors were conscious participants in the Circle of Life, so they trusted and respected the rhythm of nature.  They emulated the wisdom of the mountain by planting forest gardens, and this protected their crops, kept the soil fertile and prevented it from being washed away in the heavy tropical rains.


In your ancestors, a beautiful balance between the mind and the heart flourished.  By artfully combining the  messages of the heart from dreamtime with technologies of the intellect, they successfully built miles of ingenious, highly sophisticated irrigation furrows around and down the mountain, to bring the essence of life from her rivers and streams to sustain themselves and their crops. They doused fires that threatened plant and animal species and were good stewards of the mountain slopes. They were skilled at resolving conflict and healing disharmony using the forgiveness plant and a special healing Ceremony of The Circle, where the community bathed the person causing disharmony with the healing energy of all the good deeds that person had done. !Ubuntu. And so for hundreds of years, your ancestors walked in balance and lived in harmony with each other, with the forest animals and with the rhythms of the mountain.


Then one day, others came to the mountain and ideas from the intellect began to dominate. Part of the canopy of majestic forest trees was cut down and replaced by non native trees. Unable to migrate freely, the forest animals became trapped, isolated in parts of the forest. And without a canopy, the mountain was no longer able to store water, so the rivers and streams dried up. As the crystal waters diminished, the mountain and the savannahs began to die. Drought and starvation followed for both people and animals. Forced out of the forest, the way of life changed for your people and they became impoverished. Then they forgot to be at one with the rhythms of the mountain, they forgot that the rhythms of nature contain the key to the continuation of the Circle of Life, they forgot Ubuntu, and they forgot to walk in balance.  The Circle of Life became fragmented, and this is what ails your community now.  This fragmentation of the Circle of Life is happening not just on your mountain, but all over the globe.”


Startled by the words, Thuli’s eyes flew open and he came out of dreamtime abruptly. Blinking his eyes to focus, he saw before him, sitting patiently on rocks in the dry river bed, two of the village Elders, Grandmother and Grandfather.  No one knew how old they were, but they were very, very wrinkled, with calm, peaceful eyes, and nothing ruffled them.


Grandfather spoke:


“We have been waiting for you, Thuli.  We know you have just visited dreamtime and that you are bursting with questions.  Our wisdom is yours.  Ask.”


The vision of the eagle and the condor from dreamtime fresh in his mind, Thuli had a question on the tip of his tongue, when Grandmother spoke:


“Our relations, the indigenous Elders from across the great ocean, tell us that a new age of co-operation on the Earth will emerge when the Eagle and the Condor remember their common source.  They will fly wing to wing in the same sky, mind and heart will reconnect, and our transformation back to Oneness and balance will begin.  Right now is the time of their prophesy, and the transformation has already begun.


Know that you are the one, in time, who will bring back to the village, the wisdom of walking in balance, of reconnecting intellect and senses.  This will be especially vital for the young ones in your community who are now disconnected from the mountain, from their language and from the traditions of your ancestors. Use the Way of the Crystal Waters and restore the mountain and your village to harmony, to an unbroken Circle of Life.”


Being in balance is the source of our power.

It is where we will find peace within ourselves, peace with the ‘other’,

and peace among nations. Living in balance will restore the Earth.



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