Be The Dream

Gently get into a quiet, meditative Soul Space of healing power.


Come dream with me awhile… Let’s close our eyes and breathe in the beautiful air, relaxing deeply.  Let’s imagine slowly drifting clouds in a sunlit blue sky as we fall gently into dream space.… Let’s dream our children’s future together…


Happy sounds of laughter in the distance fill our senses as the children of the world play and romp on warm, red-brown earth and lush, green grass.  Their bright and lively eyes are exploring, creating, learning...  They are learning eagerly, delightedly, with girls and boys, equal in all the world’s eyes, enjoying full schooling, adequate for this super age of technology. They have warm, dry beds, enough to eat, and are not caught in the cross-fire of war.  They are feeling loved, they are feeling safe, they are feeling empowered and are growing up and achieving their dreams and their full potential…


…And so we dream our children’s future.  And to gift them this future, we do all the necessary and important things, including planning at governmental levels, working tirelessly to stop war and its effects, building homes and fighting for legislation to keep our children safe and protected.  But there is one incredibly powerful thing that we sometimes forget or tend to minimize ~ that we ourselves are an exquisite gift to our children.


Tonight, we focus the light of our Love on adults around the world, that they/we may all be able to support the children of the earth by giving them the gift of ourselves, whole and centered, happy and balanced, reaching boldly for our dreams and living to our fullest potential!


‘The most important thing you can do for anyone else

is to take care of yourself.’   – Joan Borysenko


So now close your eyes again and dream.  Dream your dream this time!  Float on a cloud of total peace and calm ~ no worries, no fears, no doubts, no judgements. Release any thoughts that it is selfish to fulfill your own dreams.  Let peace and calm gently envelop your mind and body…and breathe.  Breathe deeply and dream your dream.  Breathe… and embrace your passion, embrace the possibility that you will achieve your dream.  Step boldly…



Whoops!  ‘Scuse me!  Was that a doubt that just flitted across your mind?  Well, permit me to blow that doubt away with a puff of gentle breeze by sharing the stories of three ordinary people just like you.


Lisa ~ Letting the Spirit Soar

In 1995, with no prior knowledge of art, Lisa took on the impossible and began to paint even though two years earlier, in a fairly sudden event, she had lost her vision.  At the time of that loss, Lisa, no longer able to be a CPA, had experienced all the grief that usually comes with such life events.  But then one day, something magical happened when her husband tossed a child’s painting set on her bed.  Lisa felt the stirrings of a passion for painting within her, and in response, she shifted her perspective to contemplate extraordinary possibilities, and began to see with new eyes. 


Committed, she painstakingly evolved her skills as a blind artist, by first using grids of string or staples as guidelines on the canvas, and by learning to detect the colour of her paint with her fingertips.  Later, as she developed a ‘deep understanding of color theory’, she was able to paint freely without these tools.


Lisa now paints vivid watercolors and oil paintings, and her spirit soars with breathtaking expression of the art that comes from her inner vision.


Farrah ~ ‘Everything we want is on the other side of fear’

‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’, a teacher asked her young class. Little Farrah stood up and said he would be a millionaire.  Promptly, his teacher told him to think of something else to do.  ‘After all’, she said, ‘You are poor’. 


But when his mother had two heart attacks in quick succession, Farrah knew that he had to find a way to help support his family. So, at six years of age, he picked up and painted oversized rocks he found lying around.  Then he knocked on doors and sold the rocks. He was often asked: ‘Isn’t that the rock that was outside my house?’  ‘Yes’, Farrah would reply, ‘but now it is a paper weight’.  For he had transformed the simple rock into an object of beauty.


And so Farrah began turning his dreams into reality, walking boldly through fear. He ignored all those who had no eyes for his vision, those who could not appreciate or understand his vision for himself.  He stayed connected to the wisdom of his mother and grandmother, and to his own inner wisdom, that core part of him that knew his true worth and potential.  He believed in himself and in doing that which makes one get up in the morning with a passion to pursue life and living. He believed in being of service to others. And believing thus, Farrah founded a company that returned much financial abundance.  So, at the tender age of 14, Farrah stepped fully onto his path and into his power as a Reallionaire.  ‘A Reallionaire’, explains Farrah, ‘is someone who is rich from the inside out’. Now 20, Farrah walks tall, with the easy power of someone who is following the authentic song of his soul, and his eyes’ deep quiet shine and dance with the passion of being on purpose, the purpose he was born to unfold for humanity.


Alan ~ ‘Reach for the stars’

After weighty conference, the medical doctors made their pronouncement: Alan would have to live out the rest of his life in a hospital being cared for by medical professionals.  But Alan, a quadriplegic, wanted more out of life, so against all the best advice of his doctors, he procured an ambulance and asked his friend, an ambulance driver, to drive him across country to Arizona. In the middle of his journey, just as he was driving through mountainous terrain, he suddenly became critical ~ he could not breathe and his vital signs were in jeopardy.  So his friend quickly drove him to a nearby hospital where emergency room doctors worked feverishly to stabilize him, but without success. 


That was when Alan made his fateful decision.  He decided to follow a growing unshakable feeling, a ‘knowing’, that he should leave the hospital and drive down the mountain.  His friend complied immediately. At the foot of the mountain, Alan’s condition improved dramatically, he stabilized and was able to continue his journey safely.  In Arizona, he bought a house, made friends, hired nurses and rented out the bedrooms.  He placed his hospital bed in the center of the living room facing a stunning, panoramic view of the red rock mountains of Sedona.  From that position every evening, Alan watched the red rock mountains glow golden-dusty red in the light of the setting sun, feeding his Spirit.  And it gave him peace. 


He had followed his intuition and taken a risk, a magnificent risk that opened a magical window to a life of beauty, friendship and wonder. Alan didn’t just find his bliss, he created his bliss.


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