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The Peace Circle is a virtual circle of like-minded people who gather in a meditative space of Love to hold a vision of planetary peace and unity for all humanity and for the entire Earth.  The Circles are held periodically throughout the year, and each gathering of the Circle has a specific focus.  Participants join the meditation wherever they are in the world.  These Peace Circles are open to anyone who feels the nudge or the instinct to be a part of the Circle.


The Genesis of the Peace Circles


The Peace Circles began in December, 1998, when the Marks, Clayton and Mendonça families lit Sacred candles on two continents and one island and held a vision of planetary peace, harmony and oneness amongst all peoples of the earth, using the Peace Visions from the 12 major religions of the world. The circle expanded a year later when we were joined by friends.


Since its inception, 50 other peace circles have been held. In a past Peace Circle, we focused the light of our Love on the global healing of the Earth, on bringing into balance the mind and the heart at all levels, of the individual, of nations, and of our planet. We focused on a remembrance of our interconnectedness, our Oneness, and on the creation of a hologram of recovery of the forests, the crystal waters, the Earth… For where we have a will for peaceful coexistence, creative human ingenuity can usually find a way…


Fluid Time for Peace Circles


When the Peace Circles were first created, the idea was to harness the power of many people with a single intent holding the same vision at exactly the same time. Now, with participants in so many different time zones, we are on 'Fluid Time' for the Circles.


This means that on the day of the Peace Circle in whichever part of the world you’re in, participants should feel free to choose whatever time is convenient to them within that particular 24 hour period.  In this way, during a 24 hour period, there will be someone somewhere doing the Peace Circle. I will keep the Circle connected symbolically by keeping a candle lit from midnight to midnight (California Pacific Time) spanning the day of the Peace Circle.


List of Countries That Have Peace Circle Participants







New Zealand

Sri Lanka

Trinidad & Tobago

United Kingdom

United States of America



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