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The 2008 Golden Peace Circle



Welcome again, fellow travelers on this beautiful journey of life!!!


Warm greetings!!!!


All across the planet, there is a growing global movement for change. Change in favour of humanity, change in favour of honoring our interconnectedness, change in favour of creating and fostering personal and social transformation in order to manifest a sustainable climate of growth, cooperation and harmonious coexistence on earth.


2008 is the year of reconnecting to, and becoming, our wisdom, as individuals and as a planet!


It is the year that global elders are emerging as agents of change to slingshot the world into a new orbit of  awareness, compassion and peace.  It is the year that we, as global citizens, shift into the light of beautiful possibilities ~ together!


These Peace Circle meditations support our Village Community of the Earth in its evolutionary shift in consciousness by holding a gentle but powerful space of Light, Love and Possibility to assist the village’s endeavours whenever and wherever we can.



Click here for the 2008 Golden Peace Circle Meditations!



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