Fear is the root cause of most negative responses, from sniping to jealousy to corporate backstabbing to terrorism. Some people know it as a gnawing, oppressive spectre, forever prowling in the pit of their stomach. Others are more familiar with the fluttering butterfly effect that can keep a person on edge for days on end.  What we all know is that it's ever present, in our homes, our neighbourhoods and our workplaces, slowly diminishing our lives, and hindering many of us from happily living our dreams.


If we want to expand our horizons beyond the imaginable, fear must go. If we truly want that kinder world, we, as individuals, must learn to rise above fear.


So let's do it!



Step 1.

Identify irrational fears and stop them in their tracks.

Fear is sneaky. You start off with a tiny concern about getting a parking ticket. It embeds itself in your gut and grows, and before long, you're scared of losing your job and your partner for no good reason. Recognize the infectiousness of fear.


Step 2.

Watch out for ego-based responses.

Most fears are programmed responses. One kid says to another, 'I don't want to play with you.' The other kid shrugs and says, 'Okay,' and goes to play with someone else. The adult mind, trained to fear rejection, would agonize over a similar experience. Disassociate from harmful programming.


Step 3.

In a crisis, step back, study the problem, seek a solution.

Don't let your mind roam down the fear highway. There are no solutions to be found there! Breathe, let your fear level drop. Take a moment to recall times when you solved seemingly insurmountable problems by sleeping on them, or by going within and letting your conscience be your guide. Just say to yourself, I will find a solution - and you will!


Step 4.

Consciously choose the energy you want in your life.

Fear lowers our vibration. It closes our hearts, fogs up our minds, and makes us think small. On the other hand, courage and faith raise our vibration, open our hearts, and inspire us to reach for the stars. If the latter energy is what you want, verbalize it, write it down, then begin to live it!


Step 5.

Focus on increasing courage.

A word of caution: what we focus on, we become. Chanting, 'I will not fear' in mantra-like fashion can do more harm than good. If we focus too much on fear, we may soon begin to fear fear itself! Choose positive affirmations like, I am strong! I have confidence!


Step 6.

Be your own person, march to your own drum!

If someone tells you, unless you do what they do, you'll never succeed, pay no heed! Success comes from BELIEF in yourself. Allowing yourself to be distracted by others' agendas is the surest path to uncertainty and fear.


Step 7.

Replace unwanted thoughts with uplifting ones.

We are what we think. We can't even begin to count the numerous thoughts that flit through our minds on a daily basis, but what we do know is that we can move from laughter to tears in a flash, all because of some errant thought that has no place in our lives. Control your thoughts and you control your destiny!


Step 8.

Watch that law of attraction!

Fear attracts fear, love attracts love. If you live a fear-based life, you'll attract fearful experiences and fearful people. The opposite is also true, so remember, good things come to those who draw them.


Step 9.

Guard against the sway of others' emotions.

You're cruising along a scenic route, you're feeling great, suddenly a passing motorist shakes a fist at you, and you get upset. Minutes later, you find yourself yelling at an innocent hitchhiker, whom your churning mind has decided to label a serial killer. Learn to differentiate. When fear enters you, make sure it's a legitimate fear of your own before you grab your copy of Rise Above Fear in 10 Steps.


Step 10.

Follow your inner guidance.

Be more aware of what goes on in and around you. If you don't feel comfortable in a situation, remove yourself from it. In the same way that chickens know when a meteorological storm is brewing, our instincts tells us when trouble is on the horizon. Raising our consciousness can be our best defence.




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