Our best line of defence against any disease or condition that brings imbalance to our bodies, including COVID-19, is to keep our spiritual and physical immune systems strong, which means letting go of the FEAR FACTOR.

 Releasing fear frees us as well from the grip of all the other energies that travel on fear's frequency and negatively impact our immune systems, i.e. worry, anger, hatred, envy, greed.

Fear plays a major role in suppressing the immune system, and is as insidious as a virus. To rise above it once and for all, we must:

1. Recognize its infectiousness.

Fear carried on waves of stories on TV and social media, or by word of mouth, affects our thoughts and can lower our defences. Fear is sneaky. You start off with a tiny concern about someone else's misfortune, say. It embeds itself in your gut and grows, and before long, you find yourself worrying about losing your job or your partner for no good reason. When this happens, the antidote is to immediately focus instead on things and people you love. Love is an infectious immune system booster, if properly understood.

2. Disassociate from harmful programming.

Most fears are programmed responses. A child says to another, 'I don't want to play with you today.' The other kid shrugs and says, 'Okay,' and wanders off to do something else. The adult mind, however, conditioned to fear rejection, hears, for example: 'I'm social distancing', and takes it personally. When you feel that sudden stab of fear or worry or anger, reprogram your mind by tuning in immediately to thoughts that flood your being with Love instead.

3. Remind ourselves that every problem has a solution.

In a crisis, step back, breathe. Don't let 'stress' be your immediate response. When you remind yourself of your enormous creative powers, the solution will come. Solutions come when you're more receptive to your inner guidance.

4. Choose the energy we want around ourselves.

You can consciously choose to be around fearful energies, or you can choose energies that uplift and inspire. The latter strengthens your immune systems. Surround yourself ONLY with uplifting, inspiring energies for a week and see the difference for yourself!

5. Focus on increasing courage.

What we focus on, we become, so positive affirmations will build confidence. Low self-esteem, faintheartedness, timidity close our hearts, fog up our brains, and make us think small. On the other hand, courage and faith raise our vibration, open our hearts, and inspire us to reach for the stars.

6. March to our own drum!

If you know what's right for you, do it. If someone tells you that unless you do what they do you’ll never succeed, pay no heed! Allowing yourself to be distracted by others’ agendas is the surest path to uncertainty and fear.

7. Resist unwanted thoughts.

We can’t even begin to count the numerous thoughts that flit through our minds on a daily basis, but what we do know is that we can move from laughter to tears in a flash, all because of some errant thought. Consciously control our thoughts and we control our destiny!

8. Watch that law of attraction!

Fear attracts fear, Love attracts Love. If you live a fear based life, you’ll attract fearful experiences and fearful people. The opposite is also true so remember, good things come to those who draw them.

9. Guard against the sway of others' emotions.

Fear will manifest as anger in many people. Don't allow yourself to be swept up in mindless acts. You’re cruising along a scenic route, you’re feeling great, suddenly a passing motorist shakes a fist at you, and you get upset. Minutes later, you find yourself yelling at an innocent driver who is in your way when you want to change lanes. Learn to differentiate. When fear enters you, make sure it’s a legitimate fear of your own.

10. Follow our intuition and we'll never go wrong.

Our inner voice never fails to tell us when trouble is on the horizon -- or good things, for that matter -- so raising consciousness can be our greatest protection. Be more aware of what goes on in and around you. If you don’t feel comfortable in a situation, remove yourself from it. In the same way that chickens know when a meteorological storm is brewing, our instincts tell us just what we need to know to protect, and expand, ourselves.


Faith: that is what we all need, to see beyond fear, and faith can only be had if there is a morsel of kindness in our lives. So, all you Anchors of Light and Love out there, feed that morsel to the hungry hearts of those who need, so that the term of faith can begin. You see, just one step beyond faith is knowingness.












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