Anyone choosing to work towards global peace, must invariably face the cynic's question:  Why? Why waste your time?  Peace is an idealist’s concept, unattainable!  Yet, one only has to look at the countries which are now peacefully coexisting after decades, in some cases centuries, of sporadic warfare, to see that such a pursuit is never a waste of time. 


Every person used to achieving her or his goals knows that in order to accomplish anything, one must focus resolutely on what one wants, and be willing to go beyond what others deem possible.  Those who worked towards, and were rewarded with, the collapse of the Berlin Wall know this;  as do those who worked to end the Mao-inspired reign of terror in China, and the horrors of apartheid in South Africa.


Peace is not attained by sitting on the fence, wishing for it half-heartedly, but secretly doubting its inevitability.  Peace is achieved by diligently working towards it, night and day, in every small way.  It is achieved by accepting that one may not live to see the day one’s efforts are rewarded in the broader arena, but may have to be content with successes in smaller arenas, confident that somewhere out there in the ocean of turmoil, the ripple of peace is silently swelling into a wave.


Some philosophers believe that cycles govern global behaviour, that beings on earth are destined ever to cycle between Periods of Light, during which peace and harmony reign, and Periods of Density, when murder and mayhem once again become the order of the day. Since global consciousness is forever changing, expanding, or at times, contracting, the concept of a spiral, may be more apropos. We return constantly to similar themes but at different levels of awareness.


Accordingly, in our current spiral, we can arguably trace the beginnings of an actual peace movement back two thousand, two thousand five hundred years with the emergence of enlightened beings like Jesus Christ, Krishna (when he appeared to Arjuna), Siddartha Gautama Buddha, Lao Tze, and Confucius (Kung Fu-Tzu).  Back then and for centuries afterwards, the world was broken up into numerous groups of sparring nation-tribes calling themselves kingdoms and empires, whose focus was subjugation and domination.


Those concepts are passé now, all but gone, except in the minds of a few diehards, who are reluctant to relinquish unrealized delusions of grandeur.  It has taken humanity centuries to achieve this tenuous state of global intent — not yet commitment — to pursue peace. We have at last attained globalization, a painful journey though it was, and we are now at the tail end of a cyclical cleansing. 


Observe how countries grow at present — and none are exempt:  first ‘birth’ and ‘childhood’ — dreams, euphoria, convictions, excessive and narrow loyalties;  then 'adolescence' — constant bickering, political infighting, coups, civil wars, ethnic cleansings;  and finally 'maturity'—peaceful coexistence, a little shaky at the start, with residual bouts of 'adolescent' behaviour, but ultimately reaching a plateau of some sort.  Finally 'old age' sets in. The aches and pains of previous mistakes/challenges return to haunt, leading inexorably to death, which is actually a rebirth (e.g., the passing of ancient civilizations, and the birth of new ones with different orientations). As with people, so with nations, and inevitably, the world.


As evidenced by changes taking place globally, maturity is almost upon the planet as a whole, despite the sickening outbursts of puerile tantrums in a number of regions, and it is up to those of us who are able to employ the macro perspective, and who feel the ‘calling’, to nurture the planet towards that maturity, in our own modest ways, in order to make the passage as successful as possible.


At this point, the cynic might well interject again a Why bother? The birth and death cycle guarantees a return to ‘childhood’ and ‘adolescence’ in the distant future, with their requisite narrow loyalties, infighting, civil wars.  I say, look around you.  There are young people in our midst today with the consciousness of old sages, and more of them being born every day. To the establishment, they appear to be misfits, but they are proof of the notion of spirals, rather than mere cycles.


Allowed to fully bloom, they can take our world to unimaginable heights of consciousness.   They can be our insurance that the energies of subjugation and domination never consume our world again.  They must ensure that humanity’s response to dense energies ceases to be fear-based, and that our drive to achieve technological  mastery does not entail crushing the weak in our midst.


From them, we can learn that harmony need not lead to stultification, as some believe, but to expansive societies within which a wealth of creative forces can thrive, and that peace, which always necessitates concession, does not imply loss of uniqueness, but instead the embracing of multidimensionality. These youth are the ones who can finish what our avatars began over two thousand years ago.











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