A Six-Week Online Workshop

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Step Five

Here we are, at last, on the threshold of a life that we've longed for, and yet as exciting as the prospect may be, we know that the tricky part is not getting there, it's staying there.


We begin a day or a week feeling empowered, full of positive energy, ready to unleash our creative potential, when something happens to clip our wings, and before we know it, we're right back where we started.


The Buddhists have a saying: "Before enlightenment, chop wood, fetch water, after enlightenment, chop wood, fetch water." Ups and downs are a part of life. We just have to figure out how to manage the energies so that we maximize our uptime, and minimize our downtime. This brings us to our fifth step: learning to rise above fear.



Fear is the root cause of most negative responses. It spreads through emotional contact with fearful people and situations, and seeps into every household with access to the big screen, the internet, and newsprint. It's subject to the Law of Attraction, and never fails to create butterflies in our stomachs when we're faced with the unknown. How do we neutralize it?

The antidote is LOVE . . .

- For every fearful act perpetrated, commit an act of love. Love is contagious too, and it spreads with every act of kindness carried out with conviction.

The booster shot is OPTIMISM . . .

- If we inject ourselves with a healthy dose of trust, we will attract positive experiences. Good things come to those who draw them. All it takes is a little courage to raise our vibration and open our hearts. Once our heart centres are open, the sky is the limit.

And our daily pill is CONSCIOUS LIVING.

- There is so much we can do to protect ourselves by choosing to be aware of the energies around us. Let intuition be your guide. If you don't feel comfortable in a situation, remove yourself from it. If an unwanted thought enters your mind, replace it with an uplifting one.  When we raise our consciousness, we build confidence.

This week, my friends, ride on a wave of love,

 and your companions will be self-assurance, strength, and abundance!


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Note: For more info, see Rising Above Fear

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Fri, 23 Aug 2013 12:51:09 -0700

Saskia said:

In your article I found very different things. Very characteristic. I've never seen before. Thank you very much the share. you are very creative!


Maureen replied:

Thank you, Saskia! I hope it helped.



Sun, 15 Jan 2012 23:38:22 -0700

Tori said:

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for writing!


Maureen replied:

My pleasure, glad to be of service!




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