A Six-Week Online Workshop

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Step Four

Now that we have experienced how trust lightens the body and frees the mind, the time has come to start truly living. (It's okay if you haven’t mastered trust yet, you will in time.)




We are creative beings. If we are not creating, or enjoying the fruits of our creations, we are not having fun. And when we are not having fun, life loses its sparkle.


So, how do we find our way back to the life we were created to live? By releasing ourselves from the obligation to wear masks and play roles. We must be ourselves every day, at work and at play. This is the fourth Step.



We express our true nature through creation, whether we build bridges, design clothes, or simply dance in our own funky way to music. When we are forced to stifle our creative essence - THAT WHICH WE ARE - sickness often ensues - mental or physical 'dis-ease'.

This week, we are going to lighten up, and play with the way we approach things:

- Instead of saying, Today I'm going to work, try saying, Today I'm going to create. See what a difference that one word will make. You'll either feel lighter, because that's what you're actually doing, or you'll be shocked to realize that you're not employed creatively and will want to find a way to be.

- When you are with family and friends, don't try to be all things to all people. Believe it or not, the best person you could ever be is YOU! If you're playful, heal others with your light-heartedness. If you're thoughtful, help others with your insights. if you speak little, be a good listener and a comfort to others.

- In our everyday interactions, let's not judge our every move. Post-mortems, recriminations, constant re-examinations are a destructive use of energy, and we, remember, are creative! When you are tempted to ask, 'Did I do the right thing?' or 'Did I make things worse?', just say, with a smile in your heart: I trust that I did my best.

- In the evenings, instead of watching others have creative fun on TV for four hours, spend two of those hours stirring your own creative juices: play the guitar, do the hulahoop, paint designs on your walls, feel your fun side come alive. The more joy you have in your life, the more you will want to show the world the real you.

When we can go to bed every night feeling creatively fulfilled, with a sense of mission accomplished, an aura of love given and well received, every cell in our bodies pulsating with vitality, then we can say, We are full participants in the Universe. we are ALIVE!



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Mon, 16 Jan 2012 01:45:08 -0700

Matee said:

I am totally wowed and prepared to take the next step now.


Maureen replied:



Sat, 24 Apr 2011 20:29:00 -0400

Elton said:

Good stuff: makes me want to look at existentialism again.


Maureen replied:

Thanks, Elton!


Sat, 24 Apr 2011 15:39:34 -0400

Fay said:

OK, so I'm taking my usual morning walk on my favourite trail in the forest, and having a great time, when suddenly three cyclists come barrelling towards me at breakneck speed. I narrowly escaped being run over. My heart was pounding. I stood staring after them, stunned, jangled.

I continued to walk but the effects of the adrenaline persisted. My body does not tolerate trauma well. I was angry and upset at the cyclists - they could have hurt me or the two older women who were ahead of me. I stopped at a dry river bed to calm my body down by toning. It helped somewhat but I had to head back home, distinctly peeved that I had to cut short my walk. Along the way, I was aware that fuming was doing me no good and managed to focus on uplifting thoughts and beautiful daydreams and was quite cheerful by the time I got home.

So my question to you is: How does trusting and being myself fit into what happened? Or does it?

Maureen replied:

What an experience, Fay! I know your walks are part of your healing program.

Here’s the thing: you may be tempted to stop walking on the trail, or you may return with an element of fear, neither of which would be helpful to your healing program – and that’s where trust comes in. The important thing is, the worst did not occur. So continue to trust that you’ll be safe on your walks, and let go of any concerns. Trust that the experience has taught the cyclists something as well.

Hats off to you for bringing yourself back to the bright and breezy person you actually are, and for not letting the experience drag you down!

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