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Step Three

Faith, which implies a deep connection with our inner self, must be a major factor in any journey to wholeness, to happiness.


When life becomes perplexing, or when our world begins to fall apart, most of us take the long road, the ‘outside’ lane, seeking answers here, there and everywhere. But while outside assistance can be of great help in pointing us in the right direction, there comes a time when we must go within, and when this happens, we must be prepared to trust.


The Third Step: Learn to trust yourself, and life.



It's tough to suddenly wake up one morning and decide to trust, when life has thrown you so many curved balls, and especially when your ego is screaming DON'T! But we've learnt how to guide the ego, how to gently say to it, I must and I will.

If there is one chance worth taking in life, it’s to trust.

Start by giving yourself a week to live by trust. Have no expectations, take every day as it comes, and assume that every experience is leading you precisely where you want to go even if it is not apparent at the time.

Let’s try a little experiment: write down the life you want – a life in which you’re comfortable with yourself, a life in which happiness is the core constituent, despite the uncertainties that are bound to surface. Now:

- DIRECT your thoughts carefully and precisely towards that life. Visualize it.

- ASK - God, Vishnu, Allah, Tian, Great Spirit, the Creator - for whatever help you need to make that life a reality.

- TRUST that the Universe has been designed to fulfill all your needs.

- ALLOW life to flow in any direction.

Do this for anything and everything you need. Trust is the absolute key. When doubts appear, say, I trust, then let go. Trust that your efforts are bearing fruit. Trust that you have done what you set out to do on any given day, and retire joyfully at night.

Remember, we are what we think,  and we get what we subconsciously ask for, so direct thought consciously, and think positively, creatively, limitlessly.


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Tue, 19 Apr 2011 21:47:47 -0400

Fay said:

Thank you for the opportunity to make a radical shift in my thinking, Maureen. I see it is time and it is necessary (to mind shift) if I am to slide down sand dunes without a care in the world or walk in the forest free as a bird.

Today I became acutely aware of how much negative speak I have in my head, how many doubts and uncertainties swirl in my mind almost constantly about almost everything I do. For example, the moment an acute medical crisis arises, I begin to question every choice I made during the day; I begin to question the food I chose among other things, and I begin to make myself wrong wrong wrong.

So today, when I sat down to lunch, I began to speak differently to myself. As I ate, I repeated to myself a mantra: "I TRUST MYSELF. I trust my choices of egg, spinach and ground turkey. I am taking care of myself magnificently! All my cells are sparkling with vitality as they digest and assimilate this beautiful food that I chose." And I thanked the Circle of Life for the food that I was eating.

As I spoke, I began to feel light and lovely and I realized that I rarely heard those kinds of positive supportive words from myself. Oh, I tell you, the feeling in my body created just by saying those words was truly lovely, and it is a feeling that I want to cultivate because I realize that I had stepped out of fear and doubt and was speaking truth. Because when I chose the food in the grocery store, I know I was following instinct and I know I made the best decision in that moment, and with my mantra I was finally acknowledging that every moment of every day, I am doing my very best for myself. And that's worthy of celebration!


Now I've got to live that truth!

Maureen replied:

Thanks, Fay, for reflecting back to me the power of the words, I TRUST!


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