A Six-Week Online Workshop

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Step Two

So, where is all the doom and gloom coming from? The ego, the wounded self, the aspect of self to which emotions apply.


and if the ego is only an aspect, who, then, are you?


You are the compassionate observer, the inner voice of wisdom that’s been preventing the ego from going off the deep end, the ‘something’ that stops you from chucking it all in.


You are a sparkling droplet in the ocean of Spirit, a dazzling jewel in our creator’s crown, a ray of glorious light from the eternal sun!


To continue moving forward, you must release the ego. That is the second step.



Yikes! That caused a stab of fear!

 Relax. Breathe deeply.

You're not letting go of the ego entirely, you're releasing it from its self-appointed role. We need the ego. It is the driving force which executes the will of our higher nature, and the will of Spirit - and in the absence of guidance, the ego steps up to the plate.

It is a fact that the ego feels it has been a good protector, protecting you from pain with anger, from sadness with barriers, and from rejection with thoughts of worthlessness. It has been protecting you with whatever software it's been programmed to draw from. So, let us now thank the ego for taking on the role of Acting CEO, and let it get back to the job it does best: Manager of Day-to-Day Affairs.

This week, we will practice identifying with our higher nature, rather than with our egos.

- Every day, pay close attention to your thoughts and emotions. You may have unhealthy trigger responses. Distance yourself from them. Don't let the feelings snowball. Just be conscious of what is going through your mind, and how it affects your body.

- Now deliberately choose healthy responses to these thoughts and emotions. Begin to reflect the new you, the one that's building a life of happiness. If you suddenly find yourself thinking, "I'm completely alone, nobody cares!" Tell yourself gently, "Not so." And list out loud all acts of kindness you can remember receiving. Be sure to include loving acts to yourself, like the times you let go of harmful thoughts. Those acts show that you care.

- Be gentle with yourself when you slip into negative habits again. When we were learning to walk, we fell numerous times, and each fall only made us more determined to get back up and try again.

 We've begun to program healthy software into ourselves. Now we are directing the ego to choose this healthy software.


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Lucinda said:

Wow! That's a really neat answer!

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Thanks for the feedback, Lucinda!


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