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Stay the course, Light Anchors, Stay the course!

We're in the last quarter of 2018, and spirits are flagging. Do we go into 2019 demoralized by what appears to be a step back to old destructive ways that deny opportunities for coexistence? I THINK NOT! We know that Critical mass has been reached, and that the new paradigm is in place, but nothing is ever cemented until its tried and tested. So we're being asked to step up to the plate and BE THAT CHANGE! LIVE IT!


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The degree to which you can charge the space around you (through motion or meditation) will determine the extent to which you can manipulate your environment. If you can charge space to a radius of at least five feet beyond you, and hold that charge for the duration of any energy work you intend to do, whatever you are doing will be accomplished faster and more effectively. -


Are you sage material? How far along the path to sagedom are you, my friends? I’m going to tell you a Buddhist story, and if it doesn’t...More


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Let’s say we’re walking a seven circuit labyrinth like the one above. The centre, 8, is our goal. We set out all gung-ho and by the time we reach the 5th circuit, we have our goal in sight. Encouraged, we quicken our pace, turning onto the 6th circuit, and then the 7th. Suddenly we realize that with each turn, we've been moving away from the centre! Frustrated, we think of giving up, but our wisdom voices whisper, Don't stop now! At least find out what reality you've created! So, we decide to go on. Not long after, we take yet another turn, and there it is, the centre of the labyrinth! Our goal!

Life is like that. At times, it'll look like we're wasting energy working towards a more conscious world, especially when those steeped in the old despotic ways of greed, bigotry, and disunity regain the reins of power. But that's an illusion. Global consciousness is continuing to rise.

We're on the 7th circuit, fellow Light Anchors, let's not lose focus now. We must stay the course for at least the next 8 months! Just a few 'steps' more...


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- Maureen Marks-Mendonça


We are sending out a call to the Universe
That each child will experience
a magical encounter
with an Earth Angel,
A magical dream
Or a magical moment
Of safety and peace.

 - from the ‘Real Magic' Peace Circle by Fay Marks


+ No large scale change can occur unless a critical mass of people is reached. That's the nature of change under conditions of density. The majority of people want change for the better, but like a sleeping household, wait for the clamour of awakened souls to become so loud, they too must rise and face the new day. Ubuntu!





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