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Let 2017 be the Year of Conviction!

You've laid down all the groundwork, and been a beacon in the fog of global discontentment, distrust, and greed, i.e., you've been a conscious anchor for Light. You've seen its transformational effects and caught a glimpse of that better world you've been working towards. Now, all of a sudden, a setback: the rise in  global consciousness seems to be under siege. 'What next,' you're thinking disappointedly. Well, it's time to go beyond words and actions and learn to TRUST! Be confident that the seeds of change have taken root, and that they can withstand any trauma. Continue creating the life you want, stick to the Light road and be prepared for the best.

Remember, we turn challenges into opportunities!


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We humans, living in this world of duality, must face sadness if we know joy for one always follows the other. Some Gurus say...More


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- Maureen Marks-Mendonça

Lay your forehead upon the earth
And listen to the whispers of Oneness

Lay your forehead upon the earth
And experience the wisdom of Oneness
Now, lay your forehead upon Mother Earth
And become the Gift of Oneness…

 - from the ‘Global Healing' Peace Circle by Fay Marks

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