2020 is here!!

In about 2 years, the current ‘Critical Mass Cycle’ will run its course. A Critical Mass Cycle contains waves of change, which overlap and bounce against each other, quickening or slowing the inevitable, building to a crescendo until the largest crashes upon the shores of existing conditions, altering life as we know it. Shaken out of inertia, we must then process and incorporate the changes. In other words, 26 years after ‘the descent of the dove’, i.e., after you World Servers coordinated the anchoring of the energies of peace and harmony worldwide, humankind will be ready to shift to the new paradigm en masse.



Every move you make is directed by thought, consciously or unconsciously. Your body and matter around you respond to thought suggestion, as long as the thought is clear, precise and expressed with conviction. - Swanlight.org


I just had an incredible samadhi moment while making a fruit salad...More




At a time like this when life is so fluid, it helps to think of ourselves as ‘diplomats on an essential posting’. We’re Emissaries of Spirit sent on a posting to Mother Earth to do what diplomats do best: help create, and maintain, harmony wherever we go. Once we understand that a 'posting' may last for a moderate length of time, or that it may be cut short unexpectedly, according to the needs of Spirit, or that it may be necessary to serve for a very long time; once we are willing to accept the bumpy with the smooth, we can focus resolutely on the urgent task at hand: the continued sharing of the knowledge that is raising the consciousness of all denizens of earth.

Most of us have been good diplomats: we’ve been diligent, we’ve been patient, all while flying blind. Now that we know the end is in sight, let’s let go of any battle weariness, and see the mission through..

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+ No large scale change can occur unless a critical mass of people is reached. That's the nature of change under conditions of density. The majority of people want change for the better, but like a sleeping household, wait for the clamour of awakened souls to become so loud, they too must rise and face the new day. Ubuntu!





A prophecy, a secret  society, the adventure of a lifetime!

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'An enchanting Story' - CB Magazine

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